Month: November 2017

Analysis of website construction is the need of Shanghai dragon or SEM

again: many methods of SEM. Search engine optimization method is just one of the many methods of SEM, there are many SEM methods, pay for free can achieve the purpose of marketing. Pay method of bidding promotion promotion, advertising alliance; free methods of email marketing, social media integrated marketing, blog marketing forum, free resources cooperation marketing. These methods are in the website construction to achieve the SEM method, each method has its advantages, but also have some disadvantages, so for the construction site, want to have the effect of network marketing success, Shanghai dragon and these paid free promotion requires a combination of complementary approach to construction. This website, the effect will be brought to the site more ideal. read more

The big four of the weights of the website

2 server, unstable factors. A short period of time the server is not stable, spiders index caused by too much slower, or no index, may also lead to search engine drop right. A good website reaction speed is the premise factors, site is stable when compared to most of the time, we take the flat-share server website and server independent website, website weight higher general independent server is more stable. Of course, in turn is established. Tangled up a chicken and egg problem. However, if the server long time under the unstable situation, certainly will affect the search engine to determine the weight. Some even room because of 1 reasons, 2 days are unable to access the website to restore the snapshot and spider visit frequency, still need to do some work. read more