Month: July 2017

The stock losses and started the website again

in 2005, the Chinese bull market started, watching so many people around the stock market in the large amount of money into their pockets, can not help but itch. Finally in the last year to reach the market, then I still read three, or back home secretly stocks, telephone, mobile phone to read the tape, wanted to make a rash and too much in haste to give money, but was soon caught entering the 530 crash, then a week after his 5000 dollars, usually only 3000, love the flesh, from the stock market at a distance. read more

Mount Huangshan SEO the success of learning for a long time

I am ashamed to say that since June this year, contact SEO industry since many celebrities like SEO, no matter what others say or technical school Zhanpai or even reviled by others flicker or I know few. Plus today I know for a long time, a total of two. One is our master. The other one is for a long time. Meanwhile, on the senior website, I saw comments about the two of them. The typical two kinds of people, I do not comment on the occasion (fear of creating abuse), ha ha.

coincidentally, in Mount Huangshan, Mount Huangshan, behind SEO, Jing Jia network is just his students, but also wrote the article that must go beyond me. That’s worth it. In fact, in the word "SEO" in Mount Huangshan, competitiveness is much lower than other words. The reason why Jing Jia was able to get the top of the mountain was that he did not compete with him. I’ve always thought that when everyone knew about SEO, then SEO would no longer be what people are talking about now. I think in the future competition, more is a kind of thought collision, or called battle. I said in a communication with the master, this can be likened to The Heaven Sword and Dragon Saber, Zhao Min in Wudang Mountains when Zhang Wuji scored as Zoroastrianism, disguised as a child plaster mixed in the crowd, then blew in after the identity of Professor Zhang Sanfeng’s new martial arts, asked Zhang Wuji, you remember a few, he first said to remember most of the time, second said forget most of the third said, remember the small part, finally forget all. At last the invisible visible, beat Adaa two. In fact, I would like to say here, as itself, SEO is not particularly difficult technology. The point of knowledge is those, and more is how to use the knowledge of the future to translate it into your mind, such as the key distribution we call, the arrangement of the long tail. This is not taught as a skill. At the same time as the SEO so the breadth of the industry, technology is always out of date, and once mastered, can remain unchanged. read more

Site was Baidu k after re included skills

Baidu has finally started my site included in the article page, nearly two months to Baidu is always included a page I, and included K, K and reincluding, don’t know what to do on my Baidu website, so that I could not bear it, published a paper in stationmaster net there is murmured, out of breath, gas to gas, also have to find ways to get more included.

but tonight I re query my website included, the site was finally included in the 6 page of Baidu, and finally spent Baidu’s inspection period. So can not help but want to take out the results and the small station to share, especially those Baidu has not included, or included only the home page of the webmaster, maybe read my article will help. read more

The name appropriate

in this "display of flowers" era, web designers often need to consider different client browsing experience.

text size is an important part of the user experience. Different resolutions, different display sizes, different DPI, and even different browser settings affect the size of the text to be displayed. Although many browsers now can easily scale pages, it’s always troublesome for users to zoom in again each time, and many users don’t know how to scale pages. It is better to give the user a more considerate default font size based on the user’s resolution. How much is this size suitable for read more

Web design analysis why is it so obvious that users can’t see it

as an application, we often hear users at usability testing and say, "Oh, I didn’t pay attention to it."

after an operation, the page pops up a dialog box to inform the user that the operation is successful, the feedback is obvious enough, the user said: "ah, how did not respond?"

, a common operating portal designed for user convenience, distinguishes between simple vision and background. The user or a redundant operation, and asked: "ah, I did not pay attention to ah, this can be written directly to the original!" read more

WeChat marketing case fans single day surge of 60 thousand secret

powder 57805 day peak, single day peak of 173734 interactive operation, floraland park official WeChat fans a month to 6 digits in the southwest, the circle is a good report card. Behind the huge data is that we have not completely clear on all issues, just around the direction of looking forward to the clear business objective to toil in. It is not always true to share the thoughts and experiences of some processes for your reference.

1. What is your business purpose,


"we want to be WeChat," read more

Examples of Web site day 8000ip skills

Hello! Very busy recently, 10 days to write articles, here in my website as an example, on the website on the stability of 8000IP skills, of course is the main method to do stand 5 years, also calculate the site about 20, so there is still a little experience, although not on IP has reached 10 thousand, but is still relatively satisfied! Here I talk about the main techniques of


must first consider the question: a website such as IP is relatively high, so we must think of bandwidth, IIS access number limit and so on! You can only consider their own site code and server speed, if we can improve the stability of the server is fast with the best, to consider their own website code is concise, for example a web page is 50K and the size of a page is 10K the size of the page also visited by hundreds of people, is the two kind of realm! They must be concise code, additional code must delete read more

How to choose excellent DC service providers to stop flicker fraud

The role of

into the station also not to the year, but during this period experienced all the hitherto unknown Internet Storm, it is sanshengyouxing "". Small station is about the underwear industry portal, inevitably some of the so-called vulgar pictures, after all, about underwear, three point style picture mostly, in the storm was also harmonious. Ha ha, pull far, today I don’t want to discuss the Yellow sweep these things, and many predecessors also issued their views. Today I talk about my choice of site space in this year some of the experience to share with you: read more

Analysis of several reasons for reducing website traffic

I haven’t had much of it, perhaps in my emotional development. Other things to care of the East, ignoring the consequences; have been friends for taking care of it, friends can be said to be meticulous, his perseverance and the regularity of the very few people can do that. But less than this time flow, I checked my statistics site background, included is increased a lot, but a lot of keywords ranking dropped or not, the website content is the opera mp3 download, MP3 dialect, country funny MP3, mobile phone ringtones, and later extended part of the radio drama MP3 and sound novel mp3. Drama is a big head, lost it, lost the lord. ) must be periodic and even connected, doing weird. read more

09 years grassroots Adsense must understand things

08 has passed, new year’s day after, grassroots Adsense continue to invest in the past work, continue to look for links as before, to check traffic, to update the site.

maybe part of the webmaster harvest in 08 years, from a just entered the rookie became a big bird, perhaps part of the webmaster is still in the ideal edge hovering, is still a rookie. 09 years, of course, birds can fly higher and fly farther. How do rookies become big birds in this year? That’s all.

action is more than anything. Don’t be the "naked" read more