How an accident has change the life of a Goed Fortuin family

first_imgAlmost one month after he was stuck down on the Goed Fortuin Public Road, 43-year-old amputee Wazir Ali is still hospitalised and his wife Gaitree Ali is finding it difficult to cope with the expenses of tending to him.On May 29, Wazir Ali of Industry, East Coast Demerara (ECD) was standing on the roadway when he, alongWazir Ali on his cot in the hospitalwith a 14-year-old boy, was struck by a motorcar bearing registration plates PTT 1343 and driven by Donald Downer. The driver had claimed that he lost control of the car and slammed into teenager, and then Ali before smashing into a parked motorcar bearing registration plates PLL 7857.Ali recalled the day of the dreadful incident, telling Guyana Times that he was visiting his two children at Goed Fortuin when the accident occurred. “I was at Goed Fortuin main road… opposite a place… a tire shop. A guy pull up in a black car and ask me fuh space fuh par. He went back into his car and pull into the shop. I saw two kids standing on the road and this car pass next to them so I holler on them. When I holler on them… I mek a left turn. When I swing to my left, all I hear is ‘badang!’ and that’s all I know. I wake up in the hospital,” he related.He received severe injuries to his head, arms and legs, and due to the severity of the injuries to his left leg, it had to be amputated. He expressed his frustration with being hospitalised as he cannot support his children from a cot. “This gon mek three weeks since I in the hospital. I lost my leg, and it ain’t even heal yet. It ain’t easy… it ain’t easy,” he stated, adding that his children are minors who attend school. He related that the driver is yet to visit him or offer compensation. “I don’t know the name of the driver or nothing, I never see him on to a day like today,” he explained.Meanwhile, Ali’s wife voiced her frustrations, telling this publication that it has been a gruelling and financially difficult period since her husband was hospitalised. “It’s been stressful cause it’s 25 days he’s been in here and every day I got to come in the morning, during lunch and in the afternoon. For the past two weeks my work place has been flexing with me but I have to work so I won’t be able to make it lunch time. And it’s difficult because every day I have to take a taxi. And the person that hit [him] never came to check on him or offer any sort of compensation or assistance… nothing at all,” the woman explained. The injured man’s wife further explained that her husband has to undergo another surgery on his leg.She related that while the driver was charged, he is currently on bail and the court case is being impeded as Ali cannot make an appearance.“The story is in court. I went two times but it’s calling and put off because he is in the hospital,” she stated.The woman said that this accident has changed the family’s life completely. She added that she is now the breadwinner of the family as her husband lies helpless in the hospitallast_img

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