A dream full of webmaster sigh

inadvertently, and after a month, want to join the grassroots group, is so full of passion and dreams, and adhere to the efforts of not section, learning all kinds of network knowledge. Today, success seems to have been known, also do not know how to say, just want to write an article, the experience of his own feelings in mind, also hope to get the webmaster friends help.

at the beginning of February, I took my second station hang up, although at that time is to see the segmentation of the target users, but it is not very clear, I do not know the end is still waiting in front of Rome avenue. I put the station hang up, but I don’t know too much of the SEO technology, promotion methods do not know some good effect, every day waiting for Baidu, now Baidu has not previously that Baidu, new online, he will test a few days, but the days are very important to me, I go to work for the next day, I cannot rely on a mature stand to eat, can not eat money to the family life, after all, the truth is I already graduated.

I am

from the beginning of the 07 year set up a station of its own, was not what specific ideas, in 06 years ago, I have been learning web technology, thought himself after almost a year of learning, can find a specific direction, but I was wrong, I try to move the hand. Set up a small navigation station, to provide personnel for the import service. I am in line with the mentality of serving users, it is difficult to get up, but the confidence will soon be swallowed up, and my idea was too simple, so I once again the version. Spent nearly a month’s time, I managed to beautify the web is very beautiful, at least at the time of the webmaster friends say, finally hung up, but time waits for no one, I am faced with graduation, also means that the unemployed. From the beginning of February to the beginning of March, I have only a month, but a month not what great progress, just start traffic has been up, and keep a certain user. In order not to let oneself hungry live, I went to practice at the beginning of March, was conceived to maintain a good momentum of development, let me a month after a little surprise, even a little bit to deceive me, comfort me. Unfortunately, the reality is so cruel, when I came back a month to see, Baidu has been abandoned me, and finally trained users have long been poached. Confidence comes fast, and goes fast. Although there is no big achievement this month, I can’t see whether the road ahead is bright or dark.

in a month I leave the network, every day I keep the Internet using a mobile phone to learn knowledge, to see the most is graph king article, there is the laggards owners to write things, see their ideas, they learn their technology, wise remark of an experienced person, their learning attitude, understand their look, understand the grassroots way tomorrow. At the same time, write down some of your ideas with a pen to maintain your highest sensitivity to the station. I admire some famous station owners, remember me with <

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