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Automotive recall fatigue

(Update)With 40 million auto recalls already this year, 2014 is set to be the biggest year ever. And it’s creating what some are calling recall fatigue.More and more drivers are suffering from recall fatigue. They are tired of hearing about recalls and because there have been so many, drivers don’t really think the latest one applies to them. But this is now leading to a startling number of owners not getting their vehicles fixed, which can have serious consequences.There has been a new vehicle recall every week in 2014 — and it’s only halfway through the year. But already the numbers are at an all time high.Phil Edmonston, consumer advocate: “Over 40 million vehicles recalled so far this year, which is more than all the vehicles recalled last year. So this is a record breaking year for recall campaigns.”Another startling statistic — one third of all recalled vehicles will not get repaired. Experts say consumers are suffering from recall fatigue. They’re simply tired of hearing about recalls and are actively ignoring the notices.It’s the manufacturer’s responsibility to notify the owner of a recall. Then the manufacturer and the dealer are jointly responsible for carrying out the repair work free of charge and in a timely manner. But some onus also lies on the owner.Phil Edmonston: “The person who’s selling you their car and you’re buying it used, that person has responsibility to tell you all that they know about the vehicle, if not, they have a certain liability for having failed to disclose certain important parts when you bought the vehicle. The other thing though is that you have a responsibility when buying a vehicle to find out, are there outstanding recall campaigns?”If a person fails to fix a recalled part, they could be held responsible for the damages in an accident. Madeleine Agro is making sure she avoids this: “My vehicle has been recalled and I’ve received a letter from General Motors and we are awaiting parts and it’s going to be as soon as possible.”And it’s easy for the consumer to be proactive. One way is going straight to the manufacturer’s website.Jeff Taylor is with Eccles Auto Service: “Type in your VIN number, vehicle insurance number, which is on the car, ownership, on your insurance, type that in and go from there.”It is the owner’s responsibility to contact the manufacturer to update their address in order to receive the latest notices about recalls. And, if you’re buying a used vehicle and you want to find out whether the repairs have been carried out, you can contact the nearest authorized dealer and they’ll use the VIN number to consult the manufacturer’s database. read more

Beat PSG and lost his job – Cavalli is no longer Chambery

He beat PSG Handball a few days ago, but that wasn’t enough to save the job! Mario Cavalli is no longer a head-coach of the French Chambery. That was the conclusion of the meeting with the management board of the team. Cavalli was 17 years in the club as player, assistant coach (Gardient’s time) and head-coach.An interim solution will be legendary Jackson Richardson.Chambery are currently on the 6th place in LNH with 7 points from six matches. Chambery Handballhandball head coachMario Cavalli ← Previous Story Azoty Pulawy sack Dragan Markovic Next Story → Ivica Obrvan with proven forces against Switzerland and Czech Republic read more