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Womens EHF CL Round 3 Györ found form in Ljubljana

← Previous Story Stefansson denies wanting to leave Rhein-Neckar Lowen Next Story → Mirko Alilović ready for Rhein Neckar Lowen? Gyor handballKrim Mercatorwomen’s EHF CL Third round of Women’s EHF Champions League brought derby match of Group D in which Hungarian champion Gyor Audi ETO celebrating the victory in Ljubljana against Krim Mercator 34:30 (19:14). Easier than expected in more than half-empty new Arena “Stozice” (2500 fans in hall which capacity is 14000) in Slovenian capital, Gorbitz and other girls took two points (after bad game against Podravka and defeat in first round), very important for the finish of group stage, where both teams will face with Russian Zvezda also capable to entry Main Round.Krim Mercator: Grubišić (7 saves), Stefanišin (5 saves), Vergeljuk 3, Mavsar 3 (1), Bodnjeva 2, Varlec 3, Koren 1, Janković 1, Penezić 5 (2), Čečkova, Zrnec 2, Lekić 10 (7), Guberinić, Gregorc.Györi ETO: Lunde Haraldsen (7 saves), Palinger (6 saves), Verten 3, Mravikova 7 , Szegedi, Görbicz 10 (3), Kovacsics 2, Bradeanu 4, Amorim 1, Orban, Mayer, Hornyak, Gros 5, Spiridon 2.1. Krim Mercator 3 – 42. Györi 3-43. Zvezda Zvenigorod 2-24. Podravka Vegeta 2-0Group BLeipzig : Hypo 23:28 (12:15)DVSC Korvek – ItxakoStanding:1. Leipzig 3  – 42. Itxako 2-23. DVSC 2-24. Hypo 3-2Group CIn derby match of Group C, Larvik beat current CL vice-champion, Oltchim Valcea 34:31.Randers : Toulon 25:29 (12:16)Larvik : Oltchim Valcea 34:31 (17:18)Standing1. Larvik 3  – 62. Oltchim Valcea 3-23. Randers 3-24. Toulon 3-2 read more

Julen Aguinagalde will be ready for the Main Round

euro 2014handballJulen AguinagaldeSpain The world’s best line-player Julen Aguinagalde will be ready for the Main Round at the Men’s EHF EURO 2014 in Denmark. Spanish giant has missed two opening matches against Hungary and Norway, but he will be fully recovered for the decisive battles in Herning next week.– I need another two to three days to reach full capacity – said Aguinagalde for his club website – Vive Targi Kielce. ← Previous Story Tim Suton is new generation of “Lions” Next Story → SURPRISE IN ARHUS: Russia beat Serbia! read more

Beat PSG and lost his job – Cavalli is no longer Chambery

He beat PSG Handball a few days ago, but that wasn’t enough to save the job! Mario Cavalli is no longer a head-coach of the French Chambery. That was the conclusion of the meeting with the management board of the team. Cavalli was 17 years in the club as player, assistant coach (Gardient’s time) and head-coach.An interim solution will be legendary Jackson Richardson.Chambery are currently on the 6th place in LNH with 7 points from six matches. Chambery Handballhandball head coachMario Cavalli ← Previous Story Azoty Pulawy sack Dragan Markovic Next Story → Ivica Obrvan with proven forces against Switzerland and Czech Republic read more


Here are the complete results of voting Contest for the WORLD BEST YOUNG PLAYER 2014/2015:ALL STAR TEAM – BEST 7 and second line-up:GOALKEEPER: Nikola Portner (Jonas Maier )LEFT WING: Hampus Wanne (Magnus Landin )LEFT BACK: Paul Drux (Lasse Andersson )PLAYMAKER: Sander Sagosen (Joao Pedro Silva )RIGHT BACK: Fabian Wiede (Sime Ivic )RIGHT WING: Blaz Janc  (Christian Jensen)LINE-PLAYER: Simon Hald (Blaz Blagotinsek)GOALKEEPERS:Nikola Portner (Kadetten Schaffhausen – Switzerland) 17Jonas Maier (Kadetten Schaffhausen – Germany) 13Sebastian Frandsen (Ribe Esbjerg HH – Denmark) 9Tobias Thulin (Redbergslid IK – Sweden) 6LEFT WINGS:Hampus Wanne (SG Flensburg – Sweden) 19Magnus Landin (KIF Kolding København – Denmark) 13Ives Kunkel (GWD Minden – Germany) 10Rune Dahmke (THW Kiel – Germany) 6LEFT BACKS:Paul Drux (Fuchse Berlin – Germany) 26Dan Emil Racotea (Orlen Wisla Plock — Romania) 9Lasse Andersson (KIF Kolding Kobenhavn – Denmark) 9Nikola Bilyk (FIVERS – Austria) 7PLAYMAKERS:Sander Sagosen (Aalborg Håndbold – Norway) 27Joao Pedro Silva (Ademar Leon – Brasil) 14Tim Suton (TBV Lemgo, Germany) 9Jesper Konradsson (Alingsas HK — Sweden) 3RIGHT BACKS:Fabian Wiede (Fuchse Berlin – Germany) 14Sime Ivic (RK Celje Pivovarna Lasko – Croatia) 9Vladan Lipovina (HSG Wetzlar – Montenegro) 8Dimitrij Küttel (Kadetten Schafhausen – Switzerland) 5RIGHT WINGS:Blaz Janc (RK Celje PL – Slovenia) 22Christian Jensen (Aalborg Håndbold) – Denmark) 14Bogdan Radivojevic (SG Flensburg – Serbia) 13Darko Djukic (RK Metalurg – Serbia) 4LINE-PLAYERS:Simon Hald (Aalborg Håndbold – Denmark) 15Blaz Blagotinsek (RK Celje Pivovarna Lasko — Slovenia) 11Ignacio Plaza Jimenez (BM Puerto Sagunto – Spain) 8Mijajlo Marsenic (Partizan — Serbia) 8 ← Previous Story 32.271 vote for the WORLD YOUNG HANDBALL PLAYER 2014/2015 Next Story → Sander Sagosen is the World Young Handball Player 2014/2015! read more

Zabic and Rocha change places in Wisla Plock and Sporting Lisbon

← Previous Story Dujshebaev scores for first ever junior Spanish gold! Next Story → Lasse Moeller is MVP of generation 1996! Igor Zabic is new member of the Polish vice-champions Orlen Wisla Plock. The 26-years old Slovenian line-player, the child of RK Celje Pivovarna Lasko, coming back to Poland, where he already played as a member Slask Wroclaw.Zabic has good season in Portuguese Sporting Lisbon, where he won the EHF Challenge Cup 2016/2017 and deserved place at Slovenian national team after long period of time.He is the fourth reinforcement of the team led by Piotr Przybecki for the upcoming season. Wisla already signed contracts with Nemanja Obradović, Przemysław Krajewski i Adam Borbely.Thiago Rocha left in direction Lisbon, where will replace Zabic, Dmitry Zytnikov, Miljan Pusica and Zbigniew Kwiatkowski, while Adam Wisniewski.  read more

Good news Qualcomm announces 100 new jobs for Cork

first_imgAT LEAST 100 new jobs will be created in Cork as IT giant Qualcomm develops operations in Ireland.The new incorporated global technology delivery centre was officially opened by IDA Ireland and the Minister for Jobs Richard Bruton this evening.Vice President of Engineering, Kevork Kechichian, told that the firm came to Cork for the local talent.“The type of research that goes on in the universities here aligns with what we are looking for,” he said, adding that the positions will be filled with local people.“We were looking for specific talent,” he continued. “Ireland, in general, showed up and we started looking at Limerick, Dublin and Cork.”Qualcomm develops 3G, 4G and next-generation wireless technologies. It employs about 30,000 people globally.Qualcomm is also in discussions with IDA Ireland on the potential establishment of a Security and Encryption R&D centre through Qualcomm Mobile and Computing (QMC), a business unit of Qualcomm Technologies.Jobswatch: Harvey Norman and Carphone Warehouse to create 80 new jobs‘Do I get the brown envelope?’: Minister meets mixed reaction on Dublin canvassRead: The technology sector is open for business, but there’s a shortage of suitable candidates>last_img read more

IMO recommends junior doctors say yes to LRC proposals

first_imgAFTER DAYS OF talks between the Irish Medical Organisation and the HSE, there has been positive movement in the ongoing dispute over working hours for junior doctors.A spokesperson for the IMO told that the Non-Consultant Hospital Doctors (NCHDs) committee from the IMO met this evening to consider a set of proposals which were developed through the Labour Relations Committee.He said they agreed to put those proposals to a ballot of NCHD members, and that this ballot will take place as soon as is practicable.“The IMO will be recommending a ‘yes’ vote,” the spokesperson said.Regarding the proposals, the IMO believes a particular concern about sanctions and how to make sure hospitals comply with the EU working time directive is a “robust” proposal.It would involve penalising individual hospitals if they fail to comply with the codes. This proposal was described as “very credible”.The IMO believe it is now down to the members to make a decision when taking part in the ballot.On 8 October, 3,000 doctors took part in industrial action to draw attention to their 24 No More campaign. This campaign was set up to bring an end to doctors’ long working hours, which often includes working 24-hour shifts.Read: “Progress made” on doctors talks, but no deal yet>last_img read more

48 children die of thirst in Niger desert

first_imgItaly mounts large-scale patrol of migrant boats after deaths>Up to 50 migrants dead as boat sinks off Sicily> RESCUERS HAVE FOUND the decomposed bodies of 87 migrants in the harsh Niger desert.The victims, nearly all of them women and children, had been trying to reach neighbouring Algeria but are believed to have died of thirst when their truck broke down, according to a senior security source in Niger.Almoustapha Alhacen, from local aid organisation Aghir In’man, gave a graphic account of the grim discovery on Wednesday about a dozen kilometres from the Algerian border.Bodies“The corpses were decomposed; it was horrible,” he said.“We found them in different locations in a 20-kilometre radius and in small groups, often under trees, or under the sun. Sometimes a mother and children, but some lone children too.”Among the 87 bodies were 48 children, 32 women and seven men, the security official said, adding to the bodies of five women and young children found earlier.Some of the bodies were “devoured by jackals or other wild beasts,” said Alhacen.Sahara desertAll died in early October after a failed attempt to reach Algeria across the inhospitable Sahara desert that covers about 80 percent of Niger, one of the world’s poorest countries.The bodies were buried according to Muslim rites as and when they were found, added Alhacen.Nigerien officials had said on Monday that dozens of migrants, most of them women and children, had died of thirst in the Sahara desert earlier this month.Two vehicles were carrying the migrants when they broke down, one about 80 kilometres from the northern city of Arlit where they had set off from and another about 160 kilometres away, the security source said.“The first vehicle broke down. The second returned to Arlit to get a spare part after getting all the migrants it was carrying to get off, but it too broke down,” said the source.Search for water“We think that the migrants were in the desert for seven days and on the fifth day, they began to leave the broken down vehicle in search of a well,” said the source.However, 21 people survived, the source said, including a man who walked to Arlit and a woman who was saved by a driver who came across her in the desert and took her to the same city.Nineteen others reached the Algerian city of Tamanrasset but were sent back to Niger, the source added.Niger is one of the world’s poorest countries and has been hit by successive food crises.Libya, rather than Algeria, is more frequently the favoured country of transit for west Africans making the journey across the continent, many of whom aim to travel on to Europe.The UN’s Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs estimates that at least 30,000 economic migrants passed through Agadez, northern Niger’s largest city, between March and August of this year.- © AFP 2013last_img read more

Comet ISON may have survived its brush with the sun

first_imgA COMET THAT gained an earthly following because of its bright tail visible from space was initially declared dead after essentially grazing the sun. Now, there is a sliver of hope that Comet ISON may have survived.New images, basically faint smudges on a screen, being analysed today, showed a streak of light moving away from the sun that some said could indicate it’s not game over just yet.“It certainly appears as if there is an object there that is emitting material,” said Alan Fitzsimmons, an astronomer at Queens University in Belfast.Basically a dirty snowball from the fringes of the solar system, scientists had pronounced Comet ISON dead when it came within 1.6 million kilometres of the sun yesterday.Some sky gazers speculated early on that it might become the comet of the century because of its brightness, although expectations dimmed over time. But it wouldn’t be all bad news if the 4.5-billion-year-old space rock broke up into pieces, because some scientists say they might be able to study them and learn more about comets.SurpriseThe European Space Agency, which had declared ISON’s death on Twitter late Thursday, was backtracking early today, saying the comet “continues to surprise.”Comet ISON was first spotted by a Russian telescope in September last year, and became something of celestial flash in the pan this week for its vivid tail — visible by the naked eye — and compelling backstory of impending doom.The comet was two-thirds of a mile wide as it got within 1.6 million kilometres of the sun, which in space terms basically means grazing it.NASA solar physicist Alex Young said yesterday the comet had been expected to show up in images from the Solar Dynamics Observatory spacecraft at around noon eastern time, but almost four hours later there was “no sign of it whatsoever.”Images from other spacecraft showed a light streak continuing past the sun, but Young said that was most likely a trail of dust continuing in the comet’s trajectory.However, instead of fading, that trail appeared to get brighter Friday, suggesting that “at least some small fraction of ISON has remained in one piece,” US Navy solar researcher Karl Battams wrote on his blog. He cautioned that even if there is a solid nucleus, it may not survive for long.LovejoyTwo years ago, a smaller comet, Lovejoy, grazed the sun and survived, but fell apart a couple of days later.“This is what makes science interesting,” said Fitzsimmons, who specializes in comets and asteroids. “If we knew what was going to happen, it wouldn’t be interesting.”ISON’s slingshot toward the sun left astronomers puzzled and excited at the same time.Made up of loosely packed ice and dirt, the space rock came from the Oort cloud, an area of comets and debris on the fringes of the solar system.Read: Comet ISON will brush past the Sun at half 6 this evening, but will it survive?>last_img read more

David Hall Only bankers would benefit from my winning a seat in

first_imgI’m not going to be much help to people if I’m swanning around Dublin putting posters up and campaigning.This decision comes despite his former membership of Fianna Fáil with Hall saying he left after the “bank guarantee debacle”.Even if he were to run and win a seat in Europe, Hall thinks he would “make no difference there”.He told this website that the CEO of one of the major banks asked if there was any limit on the number of election posters a candidate can put up. “They’d prefer to see me in Europe as well,” he joked.“It’s not where I am at the moment and not where I need to be at,” he added. “The only people who would benefit from my departure would be a couple of bankers.”Related: Mortgage campaigner informally approached by three parties about running for Europe>Read: GLEN director Tiernan Brady seeks Fianna Fáil nomination for Euro elections> MORTGAGE ARREARS CAMPAIGNER David Hall has sought to clarify that he has no intention of running as a candidate for any party in the European elections next year.Hall has been approached by “junior level” representatives from the three main political parties for what he described as “informal conversations” recently.However this morning he told Twitter followers he’s not going anywhere: Speaking to, Hall said a number of people from different parties had approached him to talk informally about his interest in politics.Despite his concern for “all things political”, he said right now he needs to focus his attention on helping those in mortgage distress as many more stand to lose their homes in the next year.last_img read more

Five years on Remembering the last time the UFC came to Ireland

first_imgFans at the O2 arena. Credit: INPHO/Morgan TreacyON 17 JANUARY 2009, the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) rolled into town for the first time as the organisation’s president Dana White brought his increasingly-popular spectacle to Dublin’s newly-refurbished O2 arena — formerly the Point Depot.Although Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) was very much a minority sport at the time, fans were eager to get a taste of the once-off event with over 9,000 tickets selling out months before the big night.The light heavyweight bout between Rich Franklin and Dan Henderson took top billing with the winner earning the chance to coach Team USA in The Ultimate Fighter reality television series, while the undercard included tasty match-ups such as Mauricio ‘Shogun’ Rua v Mark  Coleman and Marcus ‘The Irish Hand Grenade’ Davis v Chris Lytle.Former Irish Olympic boxer Wayne McCullough, meanwhile, was brought in by White in an ambassadorial role to promote the occasion.Ireland’s great hope was a young man by the name of Tom ‘The Tank’ Egan, who had been signed up to give home fans a local fighter to throw their support behind. SBG welterweight Egan was pencilled in to take on England’s John Hathaway in the final fight of the preliminary card.At just 20 years of age, the Kildare native was short on experience but jumped at the chance to live out his dream by stepping into the Octagon having grown up training in his house alongside current UFC fighter Conor McGregor before they discovered John Kavanagh’s SBG.John Hathaway and Tom ‘The Tank’ Egan at the weigh-in.  Credit: INPHO/James CrombieAt the time, Egan said: “It’s going to be an amazing experience and I really can’t wait. I’m fighting on behalf of Irish fighters and Irish MMA and it’s great to see the UFC in Ireland.It is a feeling of all my dreams coming true. Every punch and every fight has worked its way to this.”Unfortunately, it proved too soon for Egan and he was defeated by technical knockout (TKO) in the first round. Here’s clip of him backstage before the fight and giving his thoughts afterwards:YouTube credit: The TelegraphGraeme McDonnell, founder of, recalls the night:I had been watching UFC for a couple of years when it came to Ireland. All of my friends used to look at me like I was crazy when I mentioned MMA. I finally convinced two lads to come with me to UFC 93 and they loved it and have been fans ever since.There were 9,000 fans there on the night but it was a niche sport at the time. There was a big buzz around it and people were trying to get tickets late on. A lot of boxing fans also went along thinking they would try it out.I remember at the time there were a lot of people complaining about the card, saying “where’s this guy?” but it was actually a brilliant card with the likes of Shogun, Henderson, Franklin, Chris Lytle and Hathaway all involved. It was great.The only fight that was boring was the Shogun v Coleman but there was good action in the rest of them. The crowd was going absolutely ballistic for Marcus Davis, there were ‘Ole’ chants going and people were going off their heads.He walked out with an Irish flag and his nickname was ‘The Irish Hand Grenade’ so that’s all you need.A huge crowd watches on. Credit: INPHO/Morgan TreacyI had been to events in the O2 in London but it wasn’t as good because it is small and there was no second tier. Everybody was in on top of each other.Even Dana White said it was pound-for-pound the best atmosphere ever. What is noticeable is that these days people only turn up for the main cards and don’t even watch the others. That night the place was full before the Tom Egan fight.I had never seen Tom Egan fight up to that point and was just into the UFC until I realised there was actually a strong Irish team.He was 4-0 at the time but he wasn’t ready. It was a different dream to get to the UFC back then. But as John Kavanagh said, he wasn’t ready but you don’t say no to the UFC.UFC fan Noel McGuinness was also in the crowd that evening:As far as I remember it got going at four in the afternoon and when we arrived the place was already packed. There was some atmosphere and the place was buzzing.It was my first UFC fight but I was a big fan at the time. We would have a few lads over to watch other events on telly on a Saturday night so to have it in Dublin was amazing. I remember looking forward most to seeing the Henderson v Franklin and Belcher v Kang fights.I’m surprised they haven’t been back since because even before Conor McGregor blew up they would have had a sell-out here.I worked in the IFSC and the fighters were staying in the Clarion Hotel nearby. They just happened to be checking in a few days before and I came across a number of them. All the UFC staff were so friendly and made an effort to say hello.They were signing posters and happy to pose for photos. I got pictures with nearly all the fighters on the card as well as some of the announcers.Noel McDonnell meets Mauricio ‘Shogun’ Rua. Credit: Noel McDonnellYouTube credit: dametallicaIn the eagerly-awaited main event, the two US fighters exchange early blows with Henderson coming out narrowly on top (29-28) after the first round. There is little between them but Henderson takes the second by the same scoreline before winning via split decision (29-28, 29-28, 27-30) with Franklin claiming the final round.Rich Franklin (left) and Dan Henderson. Credit: INPHO/Morgan TreacyDuring the week, we asked fans to tweet us their memories from the night:Were you at UFC 93? How was it for you? And are you looking forward to it returning in 2014? VIDEO: Conor McGregor spars with Irish youngsterBig names to attend grand opening of SBG’s new facilitylast_img read more

Infographic How is the new Pope elected

first_imgTOMORROW, OVER A hundred cardinals gather at the Sistine Chapel in the Vatican to begin the process of electing a new Pope.The last pre-conclave talks are taking place as we speak as the task of replacing Pope Benedict XVI begins within the next 24 hours.The support of two-thirds of the 115 ‘cardinal electors’ is needed for the successful candidate. Who that will be is a guessing game right now but this handy infographic from the Catholic News Agency shows you how it all works:(If you are on a mobile or tablet device, click here) More: Frontrunners emerge in last day of pre-conclave talkslast_img read more

Final Mobility Allowance installment payment due on 26 June

first_imgTHE HSE HAS sent letters to people receiving the Mobility Allowance, informing them that they will receive their final payment on 26 June.The HSE said that the Mobility Allowance ended to new applicants with effect from close of business on 26 February. The Mobility Allowance is a monthly payment, and persons who were in receipt of it will continue to do so for four months from February.Payments will cease from 26 June. Fresh applications that were received by the HSE on or before 26 February will be processed. If the applicants are found to be qualified after their assessment, they will be paid the allowance from the date of the application up until 26 June.The HSE is informing each recipient of the Mobility Allowance of these facts. Letters were issued on an individual basis from local health offices.It was announced in February that the government is to axe the Mobility Allowance and Transport Grant and intends to devise an alternative scheme to meet people’s needs.In total, 4,700 people receive a Mobility Allowance and 300 people a year receive a Motorised Transport Grant. However, Junior Health Minister Kathleen Lynch said that the government had no option but to axe both payments.This follows a finding by the Ombudsman Emily O’Reilly that the exclusion of people over the age of 65 from the scheme was illegal and breached equality law. The government says that it would cost up to €300 million to widen the scheme.Read: Oireachtas committee ‘concerned at difficulties between Health Dept and Ombudsman’>Read: ‘Every other option was illegal’ – Minister defends disability payments cut>last_img read more

Reeva Steenkamps reality show to go ahead

first_imgA CELEBRITY REALITY show featuring the murdered girlfriend of Oscar Pistorius will still be broadcast on South African television despite her death, the producers has said.The pre-recorded show filmed in an exotic location in Jamaica features the blonde model Reeva Steenkamp and several local personalities competing for one million rand prize money.Producers of “Tropika Island of Treasure” said they had decided not to shelve the show, which will premiere today, two days after she was shot dead at Pistorius’s home on Valentine’s Day.“As we grieve today with Reeva’s family and friends and struggle to make sense of this shocking tragedy, it has taken much deliberation to come to the decision to continue screening Tropika Island of Treasure 5 as planned,” executive producer Samantha Moon said in a statement.“This week’s episode will be dedicated to Reeva’s memory.”A weeping Pistorius appeared in a Pretoria court yesterday charged with murder over the killing of his 29-year-old girlfriend.A special tribute will be broadcast ahead of Saturday’s show at 4.30pm GMT.AdvertisementsOnline advertisements for the series shows a beaming Steenkamp clad in a bikini and other skimpy clothing.The show’s website carries a picture of burning candle with a message: “We are deeply saddened and extend our condolences to Reeva’s family and friends.”The series, now in its fifth season, is popular with local viewers.The hour-long show, screened on Saturday evenings is described as “pure adrenaline-fuelled drama… Whether diving off 75-foot Jamaican cliffs into the ocean, recreating cool runnings or meeting Jamaican celebrities”.Born in the southern city of Port Elizabeth, Steenkamp moved to Johannesburg six years ago to pursue her modelling career.The model, who had been dating the double amputee sprinter, was shot dead inside Pistorius’s Pretoria home on Thursday. The pair had been dating since late last year.On her Twitter profile Steenkamp described herself as a “Law Graduate, Child of God” and, regularly mentioned Pistorius, 26, in her posts, referring to him as her “boo” and “an amazing person”.- © AFP 2013.Related: Oscar Pistorius disputes murder charge “in the strongest terms”>More: Oscar Pistorius breaks down in court as bail hearing postponed>last_img read more

50 jobs lost as Citi Bank announce Waterford office closure

first_imgUP TO 50 jobs are to be lost following the announcement today that Citi Bank is closing its hedge fund office at the IDA industrial estate in Waterford.It is understood that half of the Waterford employees will be offered redeployment to its Dublin office. The bank says the decision is part of wider global restructuring.The bank, which operates in over 160 countries, employs 2,200 people in Dublin. They state they remain committed to its operations in Ireland.Waterford TD, John Deasy told that he had written to IDA chief executive Barry O’Leary this lunchtime stating: Considering the IDA’s recent involvement with Citibank – and I presume an investment to go with it – I feel the IDA should contact the company directly and ask that all employees be offered redeployment, not merely half.He said this was the “least the IDA could do to try to salvage something from this situation”.He said that the job losses would have a significant impact in Waterford, a city he says has an unemployment rate of 20 per cent and “is still reeling from what’s occurred within the local economy in recent years”.Read: 40 new jobs to be created in newly-formed E-drive Group>Read: Up to 54 jobs lost as nine Xtra-vision stores to close in Republic>Column: 15 tips to help you get a job>last_img read more

Column Straight talk on Bosnia has been sadly lacking during Irelands EU

first_imgLAST WEEK, THE EU High Representative for the Common Foreign and Security Policy Baroness Catherine Ashton visited Bosnia and Herzegovina for the second time in less than a year.The country’s political leaders have been unwilling to agree on how to implement a European Court of Human Rights judgment that requires them to amend the country’s constitution to allow all citizens an opportunity to run for the presidency and the upper chamber of parliament.Affiliation needed to stand for electionAt present, one must declare affiliation with one of the “constituent peoples” – Bosniaks, Croats, or Serbs – to be eligible to run. Ashton said she was “really disappointed that no real progress has been made since [she] last came,” blaming politicians for adhering to party or ethnic interests rather than the public interest.The EU delegation in Bosnia, along with the European Commission’s Directorate for Enlargement, has increasingly expressed desperation for a deal – any deal – that would allow them to proclaim progress. Whether that progress is real seems a secondary concern.Irish legislators have been more attentive than most of their counterparts in the EU to the deteriorating situation in Bosnia – and the demands of justice for the 100,000 who were killed in that country’s 1992-1995 war. The forthright inquiry of TDs and Senators from across the political spectrum on Serbia’s lack of full cooperation in the hunt for Srebrenica massacre architect Ratko Mladic played an important role in Serbia’s decision to finally “find” him two years ago.War crimes grillingWe have punched above our weight in the EU on these matters by remaining true to our principles. The grilling that Irish parliamentarians gave then-Serbian Foreign Minister Vuk Jeremic on the war crimes accountability issue surprised and gratified Bosnians, who applauded such seriousness and directness.Such straight talk on Bosnia has been sadly lacking during Ireland’s EU presidency. Ireland is merely going with the flow, as defined by Berlin and Brussels. European Affairs Minister Lucinda Creighton stated that she wanted to inject some momentum into the enlargement process in the Western Balkans. But in Bosnia’s case, the momentum is all in the wrong direction.For seven years, the EU has had the undisputed lead in directing international policy toward Bosnia. The failure to get what the EU has termed “credible effort” toward enacting the European Court’s ruling should signify the bankruptcy of the current approach.Joining the EUThat approach is based on the assumption that Bosnia’s politicians actually want to join the EU – and that their citizens can hold them accountable if they fail to deliver. After all, that’s the way it worked in Central Europe. But Bosnia’s peace agreement, which also includes its constitution, was built around the wartime power brokers. Warlord politics is institutionalised, albeit with a pseudo-democratic veneer. This narrow stratum runs everything in Bosnia – politics, business, organised crime, media, and academia – and holds the levers of both patronage and fear.There is little to no upward mobility. I have numerous constituents who, while proud Irish citizens, would love to go home at least part time to try to build their homeland’s future. Yet they typically return demoralised, seeing no avenues to make an honest living or prospects for their children. The idea that this political elite would willingly abandon the prerequisites of power for the good of the country is naive. But that remains the EU’s policy. Irish taxpayers are going along for the ride as the EU attempts to postpone with money what it will not prevent with sound policy.Holding politicians accountableNow is an opportune time for a fundamental rethink of how the EU should deal with Bosnia. We have interests there – Croatia’s membership as of July will give the Union a 1000 km border with Bosnia. We can’t wish it away; containment will only come back to bite us. Luckily, the interests of EU and Bosnian citizens completely coincide. By protecting our own interests and resources, we can better enable Bosnians to hold their politicians accountable.Only external actors can negate the ambient fear that permeates all issues in Bosnia today. Doing so would be simple and relatively cheap – and certainly less expensive than allowing Bosnia to continue to slide toward violence. No new tools or institutions would be required; only a new strategy of how to marry the EU’s soft power instruments to the hard power tools that exist to prevent collapse – the international High Representative and the executive EU for military mission.Addressing the problemThe elephant in the room is that the carrot of EU membership will not address Bosnia’s problems alone. All EU foreign ministries know it, but don’t want to address it since they are implicated. So they instead tell their political masters they have things under control, and that any problems owe to Bosnia’s (predictably self-serving) political class. Short-term bureaucratic self-preservation and careerism within the EU is the biggest hurdle to changing the dynamic in Bosnia.Ireland can no longer afford, financially or morally, to go along with the EU’s current hopeless policy in Bosnia. A reassessment of the EU’s Bosnia policy and the development at long last of a coherent international strategy, the goal of which would be a Bosnia which could serve its citizens and ultimately meet the EU’s legitimate conditions for membership, is long past due. Maintaining the current policy is untenable; it will not survive honest scrutiny. For our own interests and values, Foreign Minister Eamon Gilmore must demand this discussion with his EU peers.Patrick Nulty is Labour TD for Dublin West. Column: The EU need not look beyond its own borders to see widespread poverty>Read: Free Audis ‘only used to bring ministers to hotels’ during EU Presidency>last_img read more

Man arrested after drugs worth €40000 found in Mayo house

first_imgGARDAÍ HAVE SEIZED €40,000 worth of drugs during a raid of a house in Mayo.A man in his 20s was arrested after the bust.Thirty cannabis plants were discovered at the house near Bangor Erris this morning.Gardaí also found a large drying chamber, fertiliser and liquid feed.The man is now being held at Belmullet Garda station.Read: Use cannabis from time to time? Even casual use can alter your brain, a new study says>Read: Two released and three still in custody over €5.1m drugs seizure>last_img read more

Greyhound workers to march over strike

first_imgAs a result of this High Court decision we can now generate more public awareness of the cause of the dispute and the effects it could possibly have on the collection of domestic waste in the Dublin City Council area.He condemned the use of outside labour by Greyhound Household during the strike but said that peaceful official pickets will continue to be placed on Greyhound Household plants in Knockmitten, west Dublin and the company headquarters in Crag Avenue in Clondalkin.Dublin city councillors are due to discuss the dispute at Monday’s council meeting.O’Shea said that the SIPTU Greyhound workers will try to communicate to the interim workers that “they are going in crossing the picket line”.Greyhound said in a statement:Greyhound welcomes the court undertaking by the collection crews not to interfere with entry and exit from our depots and are happy the High Court injunction is no longer necessary.​ We would again like to reassure our customers that normal service is being maintained.Read: Greyhound insists striking staff should get back to work> SIPTU MEMBERS WORKING at Greyhound Household are to hold a march over their dispute with the company.The march to Dublin’s City Hall in support of the workers on strike will take place on Monday 7 July to coincide with the monthly meeting of Dublin City Council.SIPTU said that the High Court lifted three interim injunction orders today that were granted to Greyhound Household Ltd on 17 June.The union said that the decision “means that management cannot interfere with official union pickets or prevent workers from describing its actions as a lockout”.One injunction had prevented workers from interfering with access and egress from the plant.SIPTU Organiser, Henry O’Shea, said that the pickets at two Greyhound plants in west Dublin will continue “until the management sits down to discuss and find an agreed resolution”. This dispute arose because management imposed wage cuts from mid-June.O’Shea said:last_img read more

Its nearly over almost half of Garth Brooks tickets refunded in a

first_imgRead: Here are the details of exactly how to get a refund on your Garth Brooks tickets Read: What do you do now if you have a Garth Brooks ticket? TICKETMASTER HAS REFUNDED some 190,000 tickets to the cancelled Garth Brooks Croke Park gigs.The company said in a statement this evening that the refund process is “proceeding as planned” and it is advising customers to allow between seven and ten days for the refund to take effect.“We are continuing to receive refund requests from customers and will be working through those as quickly and efficiently as possible,” Ticketmaster added.center_img Earlier today, Dublin City Manager Owen Keegan defended the council’s handling of the gigs fiasco and challenged a claim he had given assurances the licence would be granted for all five events.Keegan claimed that the decisive factor in refusing the licence was “the failure of the GAA and Aiken Promotions to address the legitimate concerns of residents”.Meanwhile, solicitors for local resident Brian Duff, 43, have issued a statement categorically denying recent reports claiming he received financial or other inducement for lodging an injunction against the Garth Brooks concerts.Read: Owen Keegan: ‘I never gave an assurance that five gigs would go ahead >More: Here’s what people are planning to do with their Garth Brooks money >last_img read more

Mistwalkers The Last Story wont get a Western release

first_imgIn the days of the SNES and Mega Drive it wasn’t uncommon for games released in Japan to never see a release in Western markets. That has slowly changed with most games now getting worldwide releases even if there is sometimes a few months delay. The Japanese games market isn’t getting any bigger, and developers and publishers need to maximize sales whenever possible. Targeting the big European and U.S. markets makes a lot of sense.So it comes as a big surprise that one of the most anticipated Japanese RPGs of 2011 is not getting a release outside of Japan.Mistwalker’s The Last Story has been a long time coming, but finally gets released in Japan on January 27. Why is there so much excitement for this game? Well, it’s an RPG developed by Hironobu Sakaguchi, who originally created Final Fantasy (more recently he’s released Blue Dragon and Lost Odyssey). It has a lot of elements, even including the logo design, that remind of Final Fantasy, and it has a real-time combat system which a lot of Western gamers would appreciate.But for the moment there are no plans for this game to ever reach Western shores. According to a publisher representative asked about other territories, the response was simply, “We have no plans at present”.Japanese RPGs are always problematic to import as they use text so heavily. Unless you speak Japanese it’s going to be a very tough playthrough.The decision not to bring this game to Western markets seems to have been made by the publisher, which in this case is Nintendo. So there’s little chance that any localization work will be done unless Nintendo can have its mind changed. We’d be really surprised if Mistwalker weren’t upset about this decision.Read more at VG247last_img read more