Month: August 2017

To judge the quality of the chain of reverse thinking

so, what is the best way to judge the chain. In fact, we can completely reverse thinking.

third snapshot. The snapshot actually reflects the update frequency, if it is a commercial station or navigation station, the page is not always updated snapshot, certainly not, but it can never say it weight low.

second, the number of the chain changes too much, especially some of the chain group, can make a website with tens of thousands of spam links in a short period of time, not a few days will drop down, ask the rubbish the chain with the number of what, what reference value. read more

Treat your blog of five elements

the first to talk about the problems of the Sina blog, this blog is clear that I love Shanghai down the right, I am confident that my article is no problem, this is a good starting point for the blog, released at the end of an article, I always leave the reader to my website portals leyuanbaby贵族宝贝, of course, my article content and links are correlated, but this apparent AD implantation phenomenon, or to be loved in Shanghai. The author of the blog is no longer included, but I immediately realized this, and make the adjustment, the article is still highly original, no longer advertising implants, I love Shanghai’s performance has been recognized, the blog recovery, in order to make it stable, I’m still not adding links, in a few days ago, the blog has once again be right down, still included senior, I think I have to make a rigorous analysis, to change this. read more

Another challenge love Shanghai algorithm upgrade the brand Taobao off site

5. a large number of illegal or fraudulent content, may cause the user property loss.

1. random collection content, statement is unreasonable, the reader cannot obtain needed information from.

Since June !The so-called brand

4. official website posing as deceive users, in the title and meta tags in the statement is not true.

3. "with accumulation of keywords or articles and not related to the subject, in an attempt to deceive the search engine, no real help to search relevant keywords users. read more

Analysis of medical website content should be how to edit

first, the authenticity and authority of the content. Because the medical website content is more in order to solve the patient’s disease, promote the health of patients, or solve sub-health some sub-health diseases, provide some health care for the user. From the aspect of construction, can be written content is relatively rich, but now the medical aspects of the contents of a lot of quality level is uneven, coupled by some traditional Chinese medicine theory, some remedies will also appear in some medical websites, and there is no authority of these contents is certified by an expert, if at this time a simple introduction to the site, will give patients bring some wrong guidance, which affects the patient’s treatment. read more

How to choose the target keywords and keyword competition analysis method

specification development, there is a need.


how to choose the target keywords in Shanghai Longfeng optimization process is a very important step, we in Shanghai Longfeng concept first talked about what is the target keywords, target keywords is one of the most important concepts in Shanghai Longfeng optimization, then we should be how to choose the target keywords

so, when you have mastered the basic principles of how to choose the target keywords, the next step is how to conduct competitive analysis keywords! We through the Shanghai dragon case to analyze read more

How to optimize the website pictures

When Matters related to repeat

keyword is suspected, a lot of web page has multiple pictures, the worst thing is they of the picture ALT keyword set is basically all throughout the (very high degree of repetition), this can be regarded as the keyword search engine.

reduce the degree of duplication page, the site for many product categories, their orders are basically the same set of characters, in this case we clever use of pictures instead of this order system, and then combined with the alt attribute to the difference. read more

Analysis of the brand strategy of mogujie贵族宝贝 and beautiful words

beauty said: 110953*0.4=44381.2

mogujie贵族宝贝: 158473*0.4=63389.2

is not difficult to see that these two sites are very hard to do their own brand keywords, these searches basically every day in more than 300, integrated calculation of these keywords and index:

mogujie贵族宝贝: 118997+25752+3500+2442+1623+968+957+886+884+870+680+563+351=158473

Hello, I am virtual son rain. In recent years, beautiful and mogujie贵族宝贝 have too much time in front of us, because I mainly focus on the research of Shanghai Longfeng, so concern is the optimization methods and techniques of Shanghai dragon. They say their deep knowledge of Shanghai Longfeng optimization techniques are less likely to get, and unless their internal employees do an exchange or they released their optimization skills. So I study are just floating on the surface of things ", such as keyword strategy, web page layout, only the external performance is worthy of a lot of friends to learn. read more

Expose a liar everybodyOne has done pyramid scheme of investors from the black series brand market h

author Iris WeChat 835661681, subscription number hikanjian, BP mailbox zhanglu@longling in the Internet early investment, this paper records and personal understanding of nonstandard analysis, sh419 to the restrictions and fetters would not be meaningful, welcome the industry to discuss the exchange.

doesn’t change his nickname… 19:11:05

, this is part of it,

, this is a random ID card, and so do I. what’s the relationship with cheating?




< figure >

? read more

Experience sharing how can we keep a good search engine spiders

(two) with the chain let the spider crawl the website more frequently.

in addition to the chain, we also need to be Links, because the chain in the chain which belongs to one of the most high quality, it guides the site and the weights of the site to share, so it is necessary that we should increase the friendship to their website, but must remember better the website related, if the webmaster friends have the capital you can choose to buy some high weight portal site link that is also very good oh. read more

Analysis of the growing tail words flow

The deployment of the long tail keywords:

the first point: the long tail keywords contain the target keywords;

long tail keywords is a very important part of Shanghai dragon of the optimization process, each a long tail keywords are likely to bring traffic to your site. Generally a larger site, the main source of flow may by the long tail keywords, because the site in addition to the target keywords, then only the long tail keywords.

long tail keywords deployment is very flexible, normally deployed in the channel page, column page, content page. This is one of the biggest characteristics of long tail keywords. At the same time, or specific industry competitiveness ten > read more

Hawke a share for two weeks to achieve site outside the chain 3 times to enhance skills

, a web site page, content chain


I set the number of columns in the real estate website, including the purchase of knowledge, industry dynamics, and then arrange an editor daily published 8 article, knowledge website information source, it is easier to edit, more dynamic lock industry publishing point, real estate information. In the editing process, strictly regulate the work flow, the repetition rate of the title shall not exceed 5, the end of the first two paragraphs must be original, keywords to add links. At the same time, at the end of a line and text, as shown below: read more

Analysis of the causes of the article not included on the site factors lead to

station is so many enterprises now, almost all of the content page is not much difference between the content of the web site, such as logistics is the similarity is too high, such as Beijing to other city logistics, many sites is the city name change, the other content is entirely the many articles as like as two peas, certainly will not be included in the enterprise and love Shanghai, station in the pictures, the picture name writing is also very unique, such as: inflatable toys, inflatable toys, inflatable 1 2 toy 3…… This content can only be said to do bad, not included only fate. read more

Entertainment professional movie website nternet era by chasing sticks

but with commercial value rising, a variety of television drama download limits, need to apply for membership or payment to cancel restrictions, let more geek movie lovers can not be easy to watch. This time a lot of vertical film community website came into being, is the service differentiation website, to solve more film enthusiasts demand, bring them very convenient service, free online watch movies, without time limit, without geographical restrictions, as long as the mouse moves at home can choose their own love to see the cinema. read more

Analyzes the deep reason of forum closed light


the two point of view: it is imperative to reform Shanghai dragon

view: Yes, we are garbage maker

from Shanghai Dragon Development at the beginning, some simple keyword plus chain can be simple in search engine page row easily, but with the passage of time, Shanghai dragon has gradually opened its "xiunv like veil" is no longer mysterious, it is the content and the chain. Imagination and reality intertwined pain, even in the Shanghai dragon vision played so most incisive, original we yearn for the Shanghai dragon just let us become a "network navy", of course, it also let us have a firm and indomitable character, "because we always believe in a chain, we will be a top ranking website, imperceptibly, we become the founder of Internet spam. I just love Shanghai in search of long tail keywords to verify the viewpoint of the author. Figure: read more

Graphic analysis of different point of mobile search and desktop search

however, when we search for tourist attractions, the search results will appear different. Top love Shanghai mobile search is the same way network, and there is a big box on the phone number is displayed, and the love of Shanghai is based on the IP desktop search position, determine the corresponding search results.

With the popularity of smart mobile phone

love Shanghai and the differences between the

in fact, love Shanghai and Google mobile search function is similar. Love Shanghai more commercial and user friendly, but Google is still to fulfill its commitment if "no evil". read more

Analysis on the Taobao nine post navigation website optimization discount

2.2. data on

domain name information

2.3.Alexa data

2. website

query, Alexa ranked 300373, 300 thousand months of website, ranking it. Oh, this website is still ranked promotion, today see, has increased 290 thousand.

simple look, first say a problem. The first open www.***贵族宝贝 website can be a normal visit, and then open the ***贵族宝贝 can also visit the web site, click the page browsing in the chain, all with WWW links to sites like this, should not appear two domain names can be accessed simultaneously, which should be a domain name to use 301 jump to another site. The weight on website in order to obtain a better ranking. read more

Knowledge paid so red will it be KFCCollaborative office platform Worktile experience sharing


, you can see the team you created in the left column:

invites members, you can enter your member’s registered mailbox, or you can set membership permissions

After you click

, this is the Worktile interface:

now, whether it is the doctrine of Mandarin, tasting wine and other financial, technical, or poetry, drama and other non technology, a sudden burst of fire, a counter before knowledge of the unpopular position. In the past ten years, the domestic users on the one hand is the money has been running on the other hand, knowledge is useless, money is the expert. The anti intellectual trend, led directly to the knowledge of cheap and unpopular. read more

Alternative buy service OffersBy me first offer and then discountPeek you choose the destination and

have you ever been to some new place or city and want to find something interesting to do? When you look for the information, you often find it difficult to find the right information list. What services will you rely on? TripAdvisor, Yelp, or Foursquare? It would be better if you had an information focused and trusted service that supports all types of reservations. Peek is such a service, this service has been on the line this week.

when you travel, you usually need to find accommodation and flight information, and arrange the itinerary. Peek’s goal is to "satisfy your travel desires" and use beautiful photos and aggregated reviews to help you complete your troubled travel plans. read more

Network media is becoming mainstreamZhou Hongyi saying poor people can’t start a business is a rip o

article said that many entrepreneurs because of the poor, money saving, particularly stingy old, do not want to spend money to do great things, but also ask, if you do not spend money to work, the BAT paying so much of the market pr > stem

, in December 23rd 360 of the media reception, Zhou Hongyi thanked Ma Yun for his speech in the church, and to laugh a bit recently stopped after LETV, he said: this year, some enterprises to realize their own not too greedy to do what, then make money. … Really – – tear force Frank Boy read more

Strongly recommended PPS price increase to 1 5 yuan A chain of business services to deepen national

hit headlines online edition of national double map data from a number of enterprises have settled in the headlines, this means that a number of media headlines business promotion services in the form and depth on the evolution of multi form flow distribution and interactive sharing scheme for enterprise.


survival statistics unchanged.

members of the League:

PPS Network TV on-line a week, made a commendable performance,

In June 20th

in order to improve everyone’s participation in enthusiasm, since 2008 2, 1 onwards, PPS promotion price adjustment to 1.5 yuan / seven days to survive. read more