Month: May 2017

What makes you a money


2012 has arrived, but still there are a lot of people in the hesitation, what is the most worth thinking about a way of earning money? How can the "money" way immeasurable?

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Some tips for entrepreneurial success

business people is not a minority, in the course of business, there are a lot of successful people, in the end how to do poineering work independently to more rapid success, it is certainly very concerned about many problems, to learn and master the way of life, will you help.

continuous effortsWhether or not

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What to do their own business to make money

now, there are a lot of entrepreneurial ideas, a lot of people want to start their own business, but there is no suitable project, everything can only stay in the fantasy, then their own business in the end what is the best thing to do? Let us follow the whole network Xiaobian a look together.

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Zhang Jindong chairman of Suning wealth legend

although the cold stock market so that all investors hung up, but for Suning Appliance (  54.60,1.50,2.82%) chairman Zhang Jindong, but God will idle. Since July 21, 2004, since Suning Appliance shares listed, only after a short period of 9 months, Suning Appliance from the time of the 32.70 yuan price has soared to 70.25 yuan, the ex dividend in stock dividend after three and equity, stock price to 26 yuan more steps. This means that holding 106 million 980 thousand shares of Suning Appliance Zhang Jindong’s personal wealth market capitalization has reached as high as $2 billion 800 million. read more

What are the location technology of dry cleaning franchise stores

Dry cleaners

we see in daily life are generally open in the neighborhood, although this is a good market, but there are many other good location is also very important to dry cleaning franchise store operators, what are the specific? Let’s have a look!

1, convenient transportation: in the vicinity of the station, the customer does not walk more than 20 minutes in the street to set up shop, and observe the traffic flow on both sides of the road, pedestrians to the side of the better.

2, close to the place where people gather in the area: for example, authority, or near the factory, so that consumers can easily, on the other hand, easy to make customers remember this shop location, once to the customer to introduce to others and can be easier to guide people to patronize. read more

What are the advantages of Chinese fast food package

is the first of the wind is blowing fast food, western fast food, the world food giant KFC, McDonald’s success we are to see in the eye, but in China has a completely different consumer scenarios, it is urgent needs of consumers of Chinese fast food. It can be seen that the Chinese fast food market in Chinese food and beverage market is very impressive. Anhui World Restaurant Management Co. Ltd. is a well-known domestic brand of Chinese fast food, it is a Chinese features a large Chinese fast-food chain enterprises, enjoy a high reputation, then join the brand read more

Sunshine preferential policies to tilt the disabled

now some of the living conditions of people with disabilities in society is also of concern, at the same time in order to help the disabled to solve problems in their own lives, renewed confidence in life, there are many places in the way for disabled people to create a good business environment.

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What are the selling points to attract customers

even if the "selling points" are not, in the current consumption can have so many choices under the market environment, but also how to attract more customers, so that the shop business is more prosperous? So If you want to shop business is booming, you need to develop more selling points". So, what are the selling points to attract customers?

"selling point" refers to the product with distinctive features, and the selling point can be a product of the innate, can also be created by the marketing planning of the imagination. Selling point is actually the reason consumers buy products, the best selling point is the most powerful consumer reasons. Explore and enlarge the selling point of the product can be conducive to product sales, creating a unique shop features. The selling point of the product can be excavated from the following aspects: read more

Old mobile phone hidden gold to get 200 thousand yuan angel investment

now, the phone’s useful life is very short, but not because of quality, but out of the update soon. From the function machines to intelligent machines, after repeated replacement tide "mobile phone market, the annual eliminated discarded mobile phone become invisible" killer of environmental pollution". As everyone knows, the old mobile phone is also a bonanza, 4 members of the Hubei University, the team created a series of gold from the old phone, recently also received a $200 thousand angel investment. read more

Nanjing city commercial bank is more focused than the big banks more professional than small banks

with the continuous development of the market, private banks have sprung up. So what are the competitive advantages of private banks in Nanjing?

City firm private banks should create a competitive advantage, the Bank of Nanjing (601009, stock it) private banking business strategy differentiation is reflected in the ‘greater focus than the big banks, more professional than small banks’." Chen Xiaohui, general manager of Nanjing bank’s personal business unit, told reporters that they have a different direction for the development of private banking. read more

How to deal with the six interference factors

often people see the success of entrepreneurial success, but did not want to fall behind the difficulties and difficulties. In a victory and defeat in the contest, the six experience, can affect the business of the six factors. Let’s look at the specific situation with a small bar!

One factor:


"mood" decision "glasses". Entrepreneurs encounter setbacks, we must quickly adjust their mentality, as soon as possible to create a good state of mind, so as to continue to improve the realm of eyes can see. Only improve the eye environment, entrepreneurs will continue to maintain strong energy and strong fighting capacity, in order to usher in the future of flowers bloom. read more

Venture capital notes how rights

is now a society ruled by law, but there are still a lot of criminals will be drilled loopholes in the rule of law, so we all have to be able to maintain a cautious, a little alert heart.

many of the company’s website home page has such as "money no talk", "start BMW", "small investment, fast money" and other words, there is "successful" experience, many people looked after and wanted to join the obsession. At the same time, there are many problems in the authenticity of the user and China law online consultation to join the company, and some even cheated to reflect how to do, how they joined the company’s true, what is the pie or a trap? How to prevent deception? The legal interview, give you the answer lawyer. read more

Sugar nest milk tea drinks join policy

now want to do a successful social catering brand, can not get rid of the two words "health". What is health, customers eat into the mouth is recognized after the health, no better than the health of consumers judge. Snacks, fast food so, even milk tea drink is also so.

sugar nest tea drinks is representative of brand health tea, fresh material, strict control, advanced technology is the guarantee of quality products. Sugar nest milk tea drinks, mouth smooth, classic, health, fashion, personality, consumer favorite, the market unpopular. So you want to start a small business friends may wish to open a sugar nest milk tea drinks shop, small investment, back to the fast, rich worry free. read more

Pen type mouse a little more entrepreneurial characteristics

mouse such a computer appendages, a lot of people are very familiar with, but the general form of the products are almost the same, not to talk about what features, but also more practical, but you have seen a pen mouse? Here and take a look at the characteristics of this product features.

Product features

1, with 1000DPI pure optical resolution, accurate and sensitive. 2, easy to operate. Adults and children, left and right hand can easily use. 3, with 2 separate buttons, and simulate the roller function, without the use of a roller can only move the mouse scroll page. read more

Former senior tour guide today to see the life of the boss

a variety of life experiences, everyone is not the same, some people are willing to dream to toss, others are watching the hands of the third of an acre". In this paper, the protagonist is a small beautiful people, is to dare to go to the dream of the people, let us take a look at her entrepreneurial experience.

before the small business, Mary is a senior tour Guilin of a travel agency, income, occupation and income status let friends envy. A vacation with his girlfriend, she went to Hangzhou to play for free. In the shops as the streets of Hangzhou, a warm and delicate shop into her sight, is decorated in other primitive ecological shop called "personal care stores, products have more than a dozen series. Exquisite packaging, a wealth of types, professional services at once ignited the passion of Mary’s entrepreneurial enthusiasm, she also wanted to open a chain of their own cosmetics stores. read more

Choose to join the business has become a dream of young people

employment pressure is too large for many young people have to choose their own businesses to expand their own businesses, indeed, as countries continue to introduce policies to support entrepreneurship, more and more young people walking on the road of entrepreneurship. As the most attention of the food and beverage industry, is naturally the most popular investment market for young people. How to choose a good meal to join it? Join the chain is now the ideal mode of investment, the choice of food and beverage franchisee can give investors to technology, service, select food and beverage franchise brand, management support, so that investors detours.

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