Month: March 2017

Xining City Public Security Bureau police detachment publicity inviting public opinion

Xining City Public Security Bureau to carry out "on the" visit "comment on police activities publicity day notice" issued, the security detachment leadership attaches great importance to arrange responsible for the publicity work, compiled and printed promotional materials, advertising panels

Xining Municipal Public Security Bureau to carry out "on the" visit "comment on police activities publicity day notice" issued, the security detachment leadership attaches great importance to arrange responsible for the publicity work, compiled and printed promotional materials, advertising panels. March 3, 2011, security detachment commissar Pu Zhijun personally led the 4 police in the central square to participate in the city’s unified organization of the city’s public security organs, big visit to open the door to assess the police propaganda activities. Publicity, the detachment of a total of 5 publicity panels, issued promotional books, pictures and more than 400 copies, to explain the laws and regulations to the masses on the scene, to answer questions raised by the masses of the scene more than 20 people (times). read more

The National Day holiday the public garden letaotao

People’s Park

the kingdom of "carefree beauty recreation experience"

"usually too busy no time to play with the kids, just take a vacation, you can have fun with your family." During the interview, many people said that the park is the best choice to play with children.


enter the gate, the first thing is the dozens of pots of lush chrysanthemum, many people rushed to a photo. "This is going to take the children to look at the animals, I did not expect so many beautiful chrysanthemums, is simply an unexpected surprise." Ms. Wang said with a smile.

turmeric yellow, octagonal plum, marigold, dahlia, more than 140 species, 200 thousand strains of colored chrysanthemum blossom in the wild zoo, tourists can enjoy the chrysanthemum, looking at the animal, do not have some fun.

in herbivorous animal rearing area, the reporter found that many tourists are for animal feed. Zhang Deliang, deputy director of animal management, said that in order to allow visitors to get close to animals, during the National Day holiday, they sent staff to prepare the animals to eat food;
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Qinghai branch of China Development Bank to inspect the key construction projects in Xining

days ago, the Xining Municipal People’s government and the China Development Bank Qinghai branch signed the "development of financial cooperation agreement. For the implementation of the agreement to support economic and social development in Xining, August 7th, the National Development Bank of Qinghai Province Branch Ma Xin led the group, accompanied by the person in charge of the Municipal Committee, vice mayor Han Jianhua and the relevant departments, visit the preparation and construction of key construction projects in our city, and put forward valuable opinion on the project the financing work. read more

Tianjin counterpart aid medical team stationed in Huangnan

8 2, 2009, Tianjin City, a medical aid to help young people officially stationed in Huangnan Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture People’s Hospital, began a year and a half to help the work of the 7.

hospital for the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, emergency department, surgery, Radiology, Gastroenterology and cardiovascular medicine, Tianjin youth medical assistance team held a welcome meeting. The experts said, will not bear the trust of Tianjin municipal Party committee, and the state of Huangnan people’s Hospital of complementary advantages, to aid to work, to provide quality health care for the people of all ethnic groups in the state, and is committed to promoting regional medical level. read more

Xining municipal Party Committee Standing Committee to strive to achieve the six lead the model for

start at the beginning of the second batch of the mass line of educational practice, the Xining Municipal Standing Committee began to put yourself into it, make 7 commitments to the city’s cadres and the masses, to "take the lead in the six, six example" strict requirements to do the demonstration, set an example for the party’s mass line educational practice.

it is understood that the leading role to play a good demonstration of the Municipal Standing Committee, to ensure that activities to let people get satisfactory results, the Xining municipal Party Committee Standing Committee specially formulated to take the lead in carrying out the party’s mass line educational practice plan, and strive to "take the lead in the six, six example". Namely: take the lead in strengthening learning, learning to do an example. Adhere to the theory in the first place, to learn to Khalid, application, in all kinds of learning on their own hands to speak off learning materials, study of Marx’s view of masses and the party’s mass line boom. Take the lead in the grassroots and the masses, to respect the masses rely on the example of the masses. Investigate and analyze the lead "four winds", for example to implement the provisions of the eight. Adhere to oppose the four winds as the focus, through the masses, to find their own superiors, take the lead in revealing problems, serious analysis of the causes. Take the lead in opening up a good democratic life, as an example of criticism and self-criticism. Take the lead in the implementation of the rectification, to do legislation to set an example. Take the lead in establishing and improving the system, to promote the reform and development of the model. Seriously comb the Standing Committee of the construction and implementation of the relevant system of the mass line, take the lead in the development of the system, improve and repeal the work, the formation of the Standing Committee to implement the mass line to strengthen their own long-term mechanism of construction. To carry out educational practice and do a good job of the current reform, development and stability of the work together to strengthen theoretical research, pay attention to the top-level design, good job guidance. read more

The power company executive program in Xining this winter heating electricity protection

since the beginning of winter, strengthen the demand management of Xining power supply company, strict implementation of orderly power program, to ensure the safe use of electricity in normal heating.

October 15th Xining into the heating period. In order to meet the heating needs of the electricity, Xining power supply company in advance thoroughly, statistics on the city’s heating load, the Taiwan area has a "bottleneck" and the use of electric heating for more power for rehabilitation, organize personnel to conduct a comprehensive "examination" of urban substation and heavy load lines, eliminate the hidden trouble of electricity and rectification, to ensure grid reliable and stable power supply. The extreme weather may occur, Xining power supply company has to do the emergency preparedness, arrangement and implementation of scheduling, substation, transmission, distribution, repair and other professional emergency response team and emergency duty, strengthen cooperation with government departments, customers and power related emergency linkage, to avoid heating accident for transmission line fault. At the same time, to further increase the important sections of the network, the monitoring of the tie line, adjust the operation mode of the distribution network to reduce the load of heavy load lines. According to the needs of individual users of electricity, heating services for customers to open up a green channel. read more

The mayor will have to solve the problem of Datong Street Temporary channels

recently, the mayor of Xining City People’s government portal mailbox received a number of people in the city of Victoria District, Datong Street, 40, a public letter. Letters reflect, due to the transformation of Datong Street, Datong Street tenants, vehicle travel inconvenience. March 27th, the public received a reply, said the relevant departments will open a temporary channel in Datong Street, solve the problem of Datong Street residents travel difficult.

said the letters from the public, because the road reconstruction of Datong Street and Hing Road, Datong Street and west gate road closed construction, Jinfeng Garden residential tenants and vehicle travel, only small detour on the sidewalk next to Simon, a long time, not only the pavement damage, and in the event of emergency patients, ambulance, fire and other emergency. The car can not fire into the district mayor, please solve this problem. read more

Yang Yang sister in 2015 National Women’s race walking 20 km Championship

In September 6th, thousands of miles from Changbai Mountain good news came in the 2015 national championship race, our province will cut yangshenjie in 1 hours 28 minutes 27 seconds won the gold medal in the women’s 20 km, also declared her strong return.

in addition to cut yangshenjie gold medal on the day of the competition, the athletes in our province of Ma Haijun in 1 hours 23 minutes 55 seconds for adult men 20 kilometer race eighth, while the provincial sports school teenager Zigidro Mar, won the Junior Women’s 10 kilometer of fifth to 48 minutes 15 seconds.  
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The number of Przewalski’s Gazelle rose to more than and 830

reporter from Qinghai province’s Gangcha County, Haibei Tibetan Autonomous gazelle reserve learned that the latest monitoring shows that at present the number of protected areas in the territory of Przewalski’s Gazelle has reached more than and 830.
Przewalski by folk environmentalists called the Oryx, 1875 by the Russian naturalist Przevalski discovered and named after the beginning of the last century has been active in Qinghai, Inner Mongolia, Gansu, Ningxia and other places. Due to the impact of human activities, Przewalski’s Gazelle currently only exist in the surrounding areas of Qinghai Lake.
data show that the last century at the beginning of 80s, the number of Przewalski’s Gazelle around Qinghai Lake area was more than 1000, in mid 90s was down to about 300. In 1999, Przewalski’s Gazelle by our government as "critically endangered wild animal".

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Xining Municipal Bureau of statistics to carry out the activities of the six Yanan spirit into the a

This year, the spirit of the Yanan authorities to carry out activities, the Xining Municipal Bureau of statistics in accordance with the requirements of the party directly to the text of the text [2011]70, and actively carry out six activities, the spirit of the Yanan authorities into practice

this year, the spirit of the Yanan authorities to carry out activities, the Xining Municipal Bureau of statistics in accordance with the requirements of the party directly to the text of the text [2011]70, and actively carry out six activities, the spirit of the Yanan authorities into practice. read more

Xining thundershowers attack Chushu

It is August 23rd, it is a reflection of the temperature change of the solar term, "contains hiding terminate the meaning, it means the end of a hot summer day, the weather changes 21 day afternoon seemed to remind people of the coming of Chushu solar term. Chushu solar term after the weather in our city will change? Reporters contacted the staff of the Xining Meteorological Observatory in August 22nd to find the answer.

The province’s land and resources work conference held

1 22, the province’s land and resources work conference held in Xining. The meeting summed up the work of land and resources in 2016, analysis of the current situation, the deployment of key tasks this year. Conference, governor Wang Jianjun put forward specific requirements on the land and resources of the province, the province’s land and resources in 2016 fully affirmed the achievements of the new requirements of the year focus on economic and social development objectives and tasks, conscientiously implement the policy of farmland protection, improve the level of intensive land use, to protect the reasonable land demand, improve the overall efficiency of resources by deepening the field of land and resources for the construction of the beautiful, rich civilized and harmonious new Qinghai to make greater contributions. Vice governor Tian Jinchen attended the meeting and delivered a speech. read more

Xining 26 bus station was seriously diverted traffic police department is being remediation

In December 31, 2015, the Xining Police Department news release, Xining city has 26 bus station occupied a prominent problem, for the remediation of the site of the bus is occupied, the traffic police detachment to carry out special operations from December 24, 2015 onwards, the bus investigation site is occupied, be synchronous rectification, and has completed part of the remediation work station.

occupied reason is what?

– part of the taxi, black car, ordinary vehicles as street showmanship or shuttle passengers, the bus drove into the harbour or temporary parking in the harbor, causing the bus into the site, interference.

– an important transit hub facilities (such as train stations, long-distance passenger station) around the bus station by taxi, car, car and other vehicle parking showmanship behavior influence, not smooth entry site occupied directly.

– the downtown business district, shopping malls, restaurants, hospitals and other surrounding sites, because of social vehicle interference, or because of the vehicles queuing to enter the surrounding parking lot and bus station, block.

– part of the site for the setting position of distance intersection is too close to the traffic jam, passing vehicles by site, harbor road.

– individual new residential owners in the bus station long time parking.

– according to the regulation of the situation, the bus station occupied behavior generally occurred in 19 after.What is

– east area: bus station, Hualian Garden Street Train station.

– City area: Wangfujing station, Kunlun Bridge station, South Station, provincial hospital of South Gate Street Xikou station, South Street Primary School North Station, eleven South Street, North Street on the north side of the station in primary school station, East Street Street, West Street Station Shipo mutual Lane station.

– West Area: Xing Hai Lu primary school in front of the station, Xing Hai Lu IRS in front of the station, West 54 street and sunning Road crossroads farmers market door station, 54 West Normal University Station, opposite the West Main Street and sunning Road crossroads, Xiguan Street Nankou station and Tongren Road Cross transmission;
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The government invested 20 yuan Qaidam Road North District Hospital Clean

The road north of the City District of Xining city

No. 20, due to historical reasons, there is no water, toilets and garbage collection containers, living in the building of the residents will be building the space station trash and toilet, in the course of time, where piles of garbage, sewers and stink. This caused the City North District, the district government attaches great importance to the appropriation of funds to clean up garbage.
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Xining construction lightning protection project mixed

In the summer, with frequent strong convective weather, lightning also quietly synchronous hangs over the city, the reporter learned from the Provincial Meteorological Bureau, although the number of thunderstorm days in Xining province of southern area more than me, but compared with the same latitude, Xining number of thunderstorm days is more, in the five northwest provinces, Xining only Lhasa.

side is the number of thunderstorm days too much, while the city of lightning protection engineering, lightning protection engineering quality supervision station of Ma Hai Ling said that at present, the city of new building construction quality of lightning protection engineering early detection of failure rate of 42%, has been built construction project of lightning protection device annual rate low, especially in residential areas.My lightning protection read more

The sixth national census office director meeting held in Xining

 , August 14th, the National Bureau of statistics held in Xining, the Sixth National Census Office of the director of the meeting and the population change survey in 2012. From the National Bureau of statistics, Beijing, Tianjin, Hebei, Shanxi, Inner Mongolia, Liaoning, Shandong, Guangxi,, Tibet, Xinjiang, Qinghai and other 32 units across the country attended the meeting.

, deputy director of the National Bureau of Statistics Census Office Director Zhang Weimin of the State Council to make the census work throughout the country and fully affirmed the achievements, and do a good job in 2012 survey of population changes related work put forward specific requirements. It is reported that in the two days of the meeting, participants will conduct special training.
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Xining City North District government investment projects progressing smoothly

This year, the North District of Xining city for construction project siting difficult problem, take the building, building, the Justice Bureau, health supervision archives, business premises and other 3 government investment projects and the north area sanitation building and parking lot construction, project construction, the overall project construction progress smoothly.

it is understood that the Xining City Sanitation District comprehensive building and park covers an area of 13045.1 square meters, plans to build 1 17 storey office building, 3 layer integrated Business Archives storehouse and the underground parking lot, a total construction area of 25086.8 square meters. The spirit of "construction project planning and construction of a reasonable layout, intensive land use, save money", to build business District Justice Bureau, housing district archives office, District Health Supervision Institute of housing and sanitation building, and the 3 district archives archives, the underground parking lot with the main project of environmental sanitation comprehensive building for the construction, the implementation of unified planning and procedures, unified design, unified construction, quality and schedule control of the "five unified" service management, the need for four or five sets of separate planning and construction procedures, take a number of departments of time and manpower in a number of construction projects, the integration of a scale of construction projects, not only make full use of the limited construction land resources, saving construction funds, but also ensures the quality monitoring of project construction and implementation schedule. The construction units to overcome the unfavorable factors to the construction of the complex geological conditions, the difficulty of the foundation engineering construction, strengthen the organization and management of construction projects, construction quality, progress, the building of 7 storey main sanitation construction, 3 layers of archives has been completed. (author: Liu Zhiqiang) read more

Xining City Health Bureau Bulletin hepatitis B incidence ranked first

Xining Municipal Health Bureau in July 4th Xining disease prevention and control, public health emergencies disposal, local disease prevention and control work briefing pointed out that at present, Xining city before the onset of five diseases were tuberculosis, hepatitis B, hepatitis C, bacterial dysentery, hepatitis A. The first half of Xining city a total of 3 public health emergencies, including carbon monoxide poisoning in 1 cases, 2 cases of infectious diseases (1 cases of varicella rash diseases, 1), the incidence of a total of 63 cases, no death case. read more

This year the five highlights of the food show

2013 China (Qinghai) International Halal food and supplies exhibition will be held tomorrow at the Qinghai International Convention and Exhibition center. Reporters on April 28th at the press conference held by the Organizing Committee of the Qing food exhibition was informed that the current food fair five highlights.

highlights: exhibitors participating countries for the previous up to

After six years of careful cultivation of

, the internationalization, specialization and nationalization characteristics are obvious year by year, and the scale of the exhibition continues to expand. This year, the Food Fair will be 17 countries in the exhibition of the more than and 50 companies, business associations in the country and the procurement of the participants in the country, the domestic 31 provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities) participating exhibitors. Exhibitors are expected to participate in the foreign enterprises to reach 500, more than 3000 visitors attending. read more

Xining in the city’s primary and secondary schools to carry out China dream education activities

this year, the city of Xining to give full play to the role of the position, focusing on minors to carry out China Dream Theme education. The schools around the study of education, social practice, campus culture, cultivate a typical content, carried out a series of distinct themes, diverse forms, rich in content activities.

In the activities of

, Xining has studied and carried out the spirit of the party in eighteen ways. It has carried out the historical process of modernization and the reform and opening up in china. By Lei Feng, a new trend, see action "theme activities ceremony, extensive" be a moral person "theme of practical activities in primary and secondary schools in the city, the" small hand in hand, civilized memorial activities, carry out excellent collection of nursery rhymes Sung and virtue youth star ", practice, legal education into the the Chinese traditional culture education, traditional revolutionary education, safety education and social practice, to build a" new platform to achieve Chinese dream ". read more