Android Pay incentivizes buying things with Justice League Androids

first_imgThe Android Pay version of the changing of the Google Logo on Google dot com has arrived in a super suit. For the first time in the history of electronic wallets (AKA mobile payments), a comic book company is promoting consumerism. From now until the 31st of December, the Justice League will be flying around the Android Pay app, and they’ll be catchable, like Pokemon. According to Google’s Pali Bhat, VP of Product Management and Payments, the road that lead to this situation started in 2016. The first Android character in Android Pay was an astronaut. Or a space explorer, as Bhat called it. “This little space traveler sparked so much delight that the team created more,” said Bhat, “drawing inspiration from Diwali, Halloween and Chinese New Year, among other celebrations.”Google dot com – the search engine – had the Google Doodle feature now for what feels like forever. When a special event comes around, or when Google feels like reminding the world about someone important, they release an alternate version of their logo, linked therein to information about said illustration’s content. Android Pay’s doodles are a little different. Users open the app and prepare to pay at a store or restaurant, and a tiny Android appears. The user can go through the whole payment process without doing anything with the Android, but now there’s incentive to pay attention to this little animation / distraction. “So far, these charming bots have always been fleeting, but our fans liked them so much we wanted to find a way to let you keep them beyond the checkout line,” said Bhat. “[Now] you can do just that–by collecting them in your app after you pay in stores.”To attain one of the several Justice League Androids in the Android Pay app, a user must pay with a credit card or debit card with Android Pay. Each time Android Pay is utilized to purchase or pay for something, one of the Justice League characters will be added to the Justice League Android card feature in Android Pay.It’s like that time Pickles the Drummer from the band Dethklok endorsed the use of nickels, as payed for in nickels by the US Department of Treasury. Remember that? Story TimelineFifth Third Bank now supports Android Pay and Microsoft WalletAndroid Pay is adding PayPal to your digital walletAndroid Pay will make paying friends an easy Assistant commandHow to use PayPal with Android PayAndroid Pay is now live in CanadaAndroid Pay expands: 40 US banks and credit unions add supportWells Fargo ATMs get support for Android Pay, Apple Pay and othersAndroid Pay Visa Checkout available now, one year laterlast_img read more

Netflix for iOS updated with support for new iPad Pro tablets

first_imgNetflix has pushed out an update for its iOS app that adds support for the newly launched iPad Pro tablets. Early adopters of the two new models have noted that many apps feature large black bars around the window and Netflix’s (now former) app was no exception. Upon updating, the app fills the entire iPad Pro display. The black bars on the app are due to the new 11-inch iPad Pro’s new aspect ratio, which is different than the aspect ratio found on the older 10.5-inch model. This results in apps that haven’t yet been optimized showing up with large black bars. Because the tablets are brand new, most apps have not been optimized.Some troubles also appear on the new 12.9-inch iPad Pro, which has the same aspect ratio as its older siblings, but with rounded corners and a virtual home indicator. These changes have likewise resulted in black bars appearing in some apps, which is overall a minor irritation, but enough to illicit some consumer complaints.Netflix has been very quick in updating its app, which only received a generic changelog. Early iPad Pro adopters have noted that the black bars are now gone and the video app fills the entire screen properly. It’s reasonable to expect that other major apps will also receive iOS updates in coming days that add support for the new displays. AdChoices广告Until that time comes, new iPad Pro owners should be aware of the black bar issue, and either wait to make the device transition until their favorite apps have support or learn to ignore what look like gigantic bezels until the updates finally start rolling in.last_img read more

ASUS ZenFone fate hangs in the balance as CEO resigns

first_imgASUS may not be as a big a name in the smartphone market but it has achieved one thing few off its competitors have not. Its name has not been dragged in any major scandal or problems in the past years the likes of Samsung, HTC, and even LG have been subjected to. That said, business hasn’t exactly been thriving, at least on the mobile front. So it is both surprising and yet expected that Jerry Shen, ASUS’ CEO for the past 11 years, is finally stepping down. But with his departure comes questions about the fate of the company’s phones. There was a time when ASUS was the talk of the town in both the smartphone and PC market. Under Shen’s guidance, the company brought out odd yet innovative devices that sadly didn’t stand the test of time, like the PadFone phone-tablet-laptop in one line. Others, however, have left their imprint in the market in some way. The ASUS Transformer is practically the forefather of detachable 2-in-1s while the ASUS Eee PC heralded the failed netbook generation that eventually gave way to devices like Chromebooks.Still, ASUS isn’t exactly doing stellar either. In the PC market, it remains below the top five, surpassed even by Microsoft. In mobile, it has been known more for its confusing array of smartphones that leave no lasting impression. Change is long overdue but ZenFone fans might not like what’s coming next.ASUS will reportedly shift its focus from regular smartphone consumers to gamers and power users. That may have been prompted by the relative popularity of the ASUS ROG Phone. That popularity, however, might have been due to novelty and it remains to be seen if it will last once such gaming phones become more common.AdChoices广告As for the entire company, it will adopt a co-CEO structure, with former co-COOs S.Y. Hsu (PC business) and Samsung Hu (global customer service) at the helm. Whether that spells the death of the ZenFone or just an overhaul of the brand, we’ll know in the coming months. Shen’s resignation takes effect January 1, 2019.last_img read more

Uber facility to open in Detroit soon

first_imgUber will soon open a facility in Detroit, doing so to work with suppliers as part of its future transportation goals. The information was announced today by Uber executive Sherif Marakby, who said the facility won’t be used to make hardware or produce cars. The ridesharing company is said to be close to finalizing its plans for the Michigan city, and that it is ‘close’ to launching the Detroit facility. Autonomous cars have become a large focus for the company, which already has research efforts underway in Pittsburgh. Uber struck a deal with Volvo Car Corporation in recent months that will have the duo working on self-driving technology, the same technology that may one day replace Uber’s human drivers with artificial intelligence. Under that deal, Volvo will be providing the cars; thus far, Uber has used Ford’s Fusion model as part of its Pittsburgh-based autonomous vehicle testing.Uber has been working on developing and testing autonomous technology for many months, the reasons for which are fairly obvious: human drivers bring with them many expenses and potential problems, not the least of which are the driver-initiated lawsuits the company has had to fight. With self-driving cars — assuming Uber still exists in a future where cities no longer require human drivers to be in the seat — the company can sidestep those tricky issues while also eliminating things like driver payments and human error.Google may one day serve as an Uber competitor, with the company expanding a ridesharing experiment centered around its navigation app Waze. Sources have previously indicated that Google may in some way use this Waze experiment as a platform for its self-driving cars, hinting that one day we may be able to catch a ride in an autonomous Google mobile using a few taps in Waze.SOURCE: Wall Street Journal Story TimelineChase and Uber Payment Rewards join Android Pay rosterUber kicks off self-driving tests in PittsburghUber now lets you request rides using Apple Maps and Sirilast_img read more

Kia Niro EV Concept gives CES hints of 2025s 16 EV plan

first_imgStory TimelineKia lands license to test autonomous cars on Nevada roadsKia’s making self-driving cars more human: I went for a rideKia’s vision of autonomous cars is a private jet on wheels Kia is laying out its electric vehicle plans at CES 2018 and it’s not playing it safe, with a total of 16 EVs expected to be on the market by 2025. The automaker says its green line-up will consist of a mixture of different electrified powertrains, from entirely battery-electric through hybrids and even a fuel-cell car. It’ll go hand in hand with the automaker’s plans for connected and autonomous cars, too. “By 2025, we will offer a total of 16 advanced powertrain vehicles, with five new hybrids and plug-in hybrids, five new battery EVs, and an all-new mass market FCEV,” Dr. Woong-chul Yang, Vice Chairman and Head of the Kia R&D Center, said in Las Vegas today. “Due to launch in 2020, this FCEV will spearhead Kia’s efforts to realize a zero-emission future for mobility.”The first signs of that push for EVs is the Kia Niro EV Concept, making its debut at CES today. A compact SUV that’s fully electric, it’s been designed with aerodynamic slipperiness in mind, though also serves as a test bed for some of Kia’s other technologies in progress. center_img For instance, since the traditional grille is no longer required for cooling the engine, Kia’s designers have replaced it with an interactive display panel. The lights have been shrunk down, courtesy of new ultra-slim lamps. While the existing production Kia Niro has donated some of its styling language to the concept car’s profile, the rear is more streamlined for making sure airflow can cleanly pass across it. A new Active Pedestrian Warning System (APWS) builds on the now-de-rigeur combination of front-facing cameras by throwing in object recognition software and speakers mounted at the front of the Niro EV Concept. If the system spots a pedestrian or cyclist, it can fire off an alarm sound targeted specifically at that person. The interactive display panel which replaced the grille, meanwhile, can be used to flash up messages. AdChoices广告Inside, there’s a new wraparound design to the dashboard, finished in silver, grey, and bronze. It features a new HMI, with touch and gesture controls for the HVAC system and a touch-sensitive steering wheel. Swiping along different areas of the wheel can control volume, track skipping, and HVAC settings. A digital display shows speed, powertrain, and other trip information. Kia also envisages face and voice recognition being used in preference to a traditional key. Powered by Amazon Web Services (AWS), it can track who is approaching and getting into the house, and then selectively control which aspects of control are available to them. For example, the Niro EV Concept could theoretically limit its maximum power if it recognized a teen driver behind the wheel. That power is a 150 kW electric motor, running off a 64 kWh lithium-polymer battery pack. Kia expects that to be sufficient for around 238 miles of range. Along the way you’ll have 5G for streaming, and a Separate Sound Control System which has eight speakers in the headrests and noise-cancellation to allow different music to be played out loud in the front and back of the SUV. Kia says it could also use the system to boost passenger comfort in future production cars. Before that, meanwhile, there’ll be an expansion of Kia’s WiBLE car sharing service. That’s been running in South Korea since last year, but later this year will be expanded to new regions too. Kia says it’ll start that process in Europe, offering one-way trips rather than demanding the car be returned to the same starting point. last_img read more

Apples Project Titan driverless car team laid off 190 people

first_imgApple’s self-driving car team is set to shed 190 jobs, with the Cupertino company confirming that it’ll be engineers that make up the majority of the layoffs. Project Titan, Apple’s internal name for the autonomous driving division, has had a tumultuous time over the past few years, amid changes of direction and evolving goals. Initially, leaks suggested, Apple’s goal was ambitious. The company planned to make a full, driverless car of its own, rivaling Alphabet’s Waymo and projects underway at a number of automakers. Project Titan got underway in earnest in 2014, it’s believed, with Apple spreading the team around facilities in Sunnyvale and Santa Clara, CA. Over time, though, the strategy changed. Faced with the complexities of building a whole car, Apple shifted its goals. Instead, Project Titan would attempt to carve out a niche for the company as a supplier, offering advanced electronics for things like driver-assistance systems. That could still be a lucrative business, but even with autonomous test vehicles out on the road, Apple’s progress in the segment is unclear. The company cut hundreds of jobs from Project Titan back in 2016 amid the change in strategy, but still had team members working on the systems. Now, more jobs have been shed. 190 employees will be laid off from April 16, Apple confirmed to the San Francisco Chronicle. Word of the job cuts was first raised in a letter to the California Employment Development Department. 38 are engineering program managers, while 33 are hardware engineers and 31 product design engineers. The remaining 22 are software engineers. The nature of Apple’s testing, and the systems it’s trialing, are still a relative mystery. Project Titan remains one of the more secretive projects within the company, though periodic insight has been gained courtesy of regulatory reports. Apple, like others undertaking autonomous car trials on public roads in California, is legally required to file annual summaries of how those vehicles have performed. That data must include records on how many miles of autonomous testing were performed, as well as how many times the driverless system was disengaged so that a human safety driver could retake control. In Apple’s most recent filing, covering the period between November 31, 2017, and December 1, 2018, it reported just short of 80,000 miles of test driving. In the same period, Waymo’s cars drove almost 1.3m miles. As for disengagements, Apple’s vehicles required human intervention far more frequently. Its cars disengaged every 1.1 miles, whereas Waymo managed more than 11k miles between each disengagement. Where all this leaves Apple’s plans in the automotive space remains to be seen. At one point, the company was believed to be attempt to insert itself into dashboards, hoping to build partnerships for Apple-powered infotainment software. However leaks from negotiations between the company and traditional automakers have indicated that the reception there has been relatively frosty. At the same time, Google has scored a number of wins for Android in the same arena. The Polestar 2, the electric car announced today by Volvo and Geely’s performance EV brand, has an infotainment system completely built on Android. It features the Google Assistant, Google Maps, and the Google Play Store. Audi, too, has inked a deal with Google to build its next-generation MMI infotainment system on Android.last_img read more

Snapdragon 8cx and Windows what to expect from a new breed of

first_imgTwo years ago, Qualcomm put their Snapdragon processors made for mobile phones into laptops, such as the HP Envy x2 and Asus NovaGo. Phone processors have a different set of priorities compared to desktop processors like the chips from Intel. Snapdragon chips are designed to be fast while as battery-efficient as possible, to help you get through a day’s work while running on 3000mAh batteries. So, thanks to the battery-saving priorities of the 835, laptops could last up to 20 hours with their screens on. Qualcomm knew there would be a lot of excitement around a battery-focused processor. Speed, not battery, had always been their rival Intel’s top priority, as its chips were mostly designed for desktops that had power sources constantly attached. And so, now we have Qualcomm’s dedicated computer processor, the Snapdragon 8cx. It aims to boost laptop performance while keeping those glorious hours of screen-on time.Video gamers and content creators – anyone who uses a laptop for more than internet browsing – will be pleased to know Qualcomm is beefing up its specs with you in mind. The chip itself is pretty similar to a Snapdragon 855, but with an enhanced GPU and CPU that is supposedly twice as fast as the 855. Qualcomm doubled the number of transistors and memory bandwidth for more complex data transfers. The increased data pathway also enables output on dual 4K HDR external monitors, making this handy for home and work.Readying themselves for the future, the 8cx is also 5G-enabled with its X55 5G modem, coupled with the older LTE one, so you can connect freely to both networks. And despite all this power, it’s 60% more power efficient than the 855.Benchmarks against the Intel i5To answer the big question, yes the Snapdragon 8cx does indeed seem to be giving the Intel i5 a run for its money. At least, that’s what tests are showing us.Tests run by PCMark10 are indicating the 8cx is out-performing the i5 on several fronts. On Home Office application benchmarks, the 8cs just about edges out the i5 on points, suggesting that its speed and performance should be similar. Don’t get too excited, though. These Microsoft apps have been optimized and integrated with Qualcomm technology, along with a list of other apps including Slack, Spotify, and Discord. But there are others that are still missing, most notably Google apps, such and Chrome. Qualcomm has promised such apps will be ported over soon and it’ll surely be a key collaboration. But where the 8cx completely dominates the i5 is in its battery-efficiency. It can play videos on a loop up to 19:55 hours, while the i5 came in at 12:17. And when left on idle, the 8cx can last over 22 hours. Night Raid benchmarks were also provided, which are a series of tests for devices with integrated graphics, powered by their CPU and GPUs. The i5’s CPU performance was better but still lost out overall thanks to the 8cx’s more advanced GPU – and by quite a bit. While we don’t know what computers Qualcomm tested its processor with, its benchmark scores are certainly creating a lot of excitement. Who is going to want it?For starters, the incoming existence of a chip like the 8cx isn’t going to change things too drastically for gamers. While its performance is significantly higher than the i5’s, it’s not high-end-ready but solid for indie titles and simple games for sure. Higher performances will still greatly depend on a dedicated graphics card to give that extra boost in graphical fidelity. But where it really could set itself apart is in the battery life. You’re getting a lot more screen-on time here than usual, aiding productivity and people who frequently move around the office a lot without wanting to shut down the computer and wait for your laptop to reboot. The 8cx also follows the Snapdragon’s concept of Always Connected PCs (ACPCs). Similar to mobile devices that are always on, always connected, ACPCs don’t want to be shut down but actively connected to cellular networks like an extension of your phone. Granted, most telcos today don’t supply laptop-oriented plans so its ACPC concept may not be applicable for the most of us. But the potential success of the 8cx could open doors to a whole new way we use laptops and is certainly a welcome rival to a market dominated by Intel. Snapdragon chips are normally associated with the processors that power our mobile devices. But Qualcomm is about to roll out its Snapdragon 8cx chips, designed for laptops – and it may just give Intel a run for its money.last_img read more

Mo Gov Expects Health Law Questions To Be Settled By Lawmakers In

first_imgMo. Gov. Expects Health Law Questions To Be Settled By Lawmakers In 2013 States are implementing the health law: In Missouri, the governor says legislators will likely wait until the 2013 legislative session to settle their decisions on the health law’s Medicaid expansion and exchanges, Texans get insurance rebates and Georgia works to define “basic” health coverage.St. Louis Beacon: Nixon Expects Legislators To Tackle Medicaid Expansion, Health Insurance Exchange In 2013As he keeps his options open, Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon said Wednesday that he expects it will be next winter — after the general election ends and the next legislative session begins — before the General Assembly is ready to address two key health care issues: Whether to expand the state’s Medicaid rolls and/or set up an exchange for the uninsured to buy insurance (Mannies, 7/26).Texas Tribune: Millions In Rebates Doled Out To Insured TexansAs if perfectly cued to election season, multimillion-dollar rebates are being doled out across America by insurance companies thanks to a new rule in the federal Affordable Care Act, or ACA. Although the much-maligned “Obamacare” remains a prime target for Texas Republicans on the campaign trail, Democrats and other political consultants say the tangible benefits of the ACA now taking effect could change voters’ perspectives on President Obama’s signature legislative package (Aaronson, 7/26).Georgia Health News: State Seeks To Define ‘Basics’ For Health CoverageThe health reform law has spawned many new terms related to its provisions, such as “individual mandate” and “health insurance exchanges.” Here’s another one: “essential health benefits.” The Affordable Care Act requires all insurance plans to offer a comprehensive set of benefits starting in 2014. States are allowed to choose a benchmark plan that would define those benefits that are considered essential. Georgia insurance department official Jay Florence said Tuesday that the agency is reviewing potential benchmark plans offering coverage to individuals and small businesses (Miller, 7/25). This is part of the KHN Morning Briefing, a summary of health policy coverage from major news organizations. Sign up for an email subscription.last_img read more

State Exchanges Wrestle With Provider Directories Search Tools

first_imgNews outlets report on some of the challenges and sign-up tallies for state-based online insurance marketplaces in California, Minnesota, Washington and Maryland. Also in the news, progress updates regarding outreach efforts and small businesses that are attempting to use the exchanges.The New York Times: Search Tools Wanting On Many ExchangesSince the new health insurance exchanges opened for business on Oct. 1, millions of people who have visited the online sites have been unable to enroll because of technical problems and software glitches. But many people who are getting through the log-in process are encountering a different set of problems when they try to determine whether policies sold through the exchanges will provide the doctors, hospitals or drugs they need. Most of the 15 exchanges run by states and the District of Columbia do not have provider directories or search tools on their Web sites — at least not yet — so customers cannot easily check which doctors and hospitals are included in a particular plan’s network. Most allow customers to search for providers by linking to the insurers’ Web sites, but the information is not always accurate or easy to navigate, health care experts say (Goodnough, 10/16).Los Angeles Times: Covered California Removes Glitchy Online Directory Of DoctorsChecking up on a doctor is becoming a major snag for Obamacare shoppers in California. Three weeks into open enrollment, the state’s insurance exchange, Covered California, has pulled its online directory of medical providers after acknowledging there are serious problems with the information. The California Medical Assn. says it found mistakes such as obstetricians labeled as ophthalmologists and the wrong doctors described as fluent in Russian and Farsi (Terhune, 10/16).The Associated Press: MNsure Signs Up 3,700 So Far For Health InsuranceMinnesota’s health insurance exchange on Wednesday released its first data on enrollment, showing that two weeks into its launch more than 3,700 people have signed up for health insurance coverage. It’s a relatively slow start to the state’s delivery system for increasing insurance coverage rates under the federal health overhaul (10/16).The Star Tribune: MNsure Reports More Than 12,000 Accounts Created While more than 12,000 Minnesotans have created MNsure accounts, fewer than one-third of those have completed enrollment in health plans, state officials said Wednesday. The meager sales figures didn’t alarm MNsure officials — not when Minnesotans still have two months to secure coverage for the start of 2014. But they do reflect the turbulent first two weeks of an online health insurance marketplace that aspires to extend health benefits to as many of the state’s 490,000 uninsured residents as possible. The gap between accounts created and health plans purchased so far may reflect the number of people who have just been “window shopping,” as MNsure spokesman John Reich put it, and who need time to make the weighty decision of buying insurance (Olson, 10/16). The New York Times: States Report Health Insurance Application Numbers Minnesota’s state-run health insurance exchange reported Wednesday that 5,569 households had completed applications for coverage in the first two weeks of operation, representing 11,684 people. The exchange portal has run relatively smoothly after struggling with technology problems for a few days after it opened on Oct. 1, said April Todd-Malmlov, the executive director. … Separately, California said Tuesday that about 94,500 applications for health insurance had been started through its exchange between Oct. 1 and Oct. 12. But exchange officials would not say how many applications had been completed in that period (Goodnough, 10/16).Kaiser Health News: Capsules: Washington Exchange Signups Nearly Triple In Week TwoAbout 25,000 Washington state residents have enrolled in health plans through the state’s online insurance exchange marketplace during its first two weeks. That figure is nearly triple the 9,500 residents who completed their enrollment during the first week that the exchange, called Washington Healthplanfinder, was open for enrollment (Landa, 10/16).The Baltimore Sun: Maryland ‘Stumbled Out Of The Gate’ With Health Exchanges, Brown SaysLt. Gov. Anthony G. Brown, who was tapped to oversee health care reform in Maryland, spoke for the first time Wednesday about the bumpy rollout of the effort’s centerpiece, the marketplace for the uninsured. He said he was “not satisfied” (Cohn, 10/16).And what about small businesses – The Associated Press/Washington Post: Small Businesses Give Health Exchanges Mixed Reviews, But More than Expected Are Signing UpMore small businesses than expected are signing up for health insurance on state exchanges that opened this month. The insurance markets began operating Oct. 1 under the health care law. They were designed to offer low-cost insurance for individuals and small businesses. Many business owners have been pleasantly surprised by the rates and coverage, according to accounts from owners and state officials. But some owners are disappointed and plan to buy insurance privately (10/16).Meanwhile, outreach continues – Marketplace: Mining Data For A Map To The UninsuredLast month, just before the health exchanges opened, reality kicked in for Elizabeth Buck. “We have a huge number of uninsured in Camden, about 15,000. And we have this short window of time to enroll residents,” she says. So Buck, who is overseeing ACA enrollment for the non-profit Camden Coalition of Healthcare Providers, poked her head into Aaron Truchil’s office. Buck wanted Truchil, the coalition’s data whiz, to convert the hospital data the coalition has collected for a decade into something she could use to find Camden’s uninsured, nearly 20 percent of the city’s population. Twenty-four hours later, Truchil produced a color coded map, broken down by neighborhood, shading sections of the city with high concentrations of the uninsured a deep red (Gorenstein, 10/16). This is part of the KHN Morning Briefing, a summary of health policy coverage from major news organizations. Sign up for an email subscription. State Exchanges Wrestle With Provider Directories, Search Toolslast_img read more

Best OnePlus 7 Preorder Deals Where to find the best contracts and

first_img Sign up for the Mobile NewsletterSign Up Please keep me up to date with special offers and news from Goodtoknow and other brands operated by TI Media Limited via email. You can unsubscribe at any time. We’d also like to send you special offers and news just by email from other carefully selected companies we think you might like. Your personal details will not be shared with those companies – we send the emails and you can unsubscribe at any time. Please tick here if you are happy to receive these messages.By submitting your information, you agree to the Terms & Conditions and Privacy & Cookies Policy. The OnePlus 7 might be coming out a little later than the OnePlus 7 Pro, but that doesn’t that you can’t find a tasty deal on your preorder.Update: We are currently reaching out to UK networks to find out their carrier plans for the OnePlus 7. Please bear with us as we bring you the information you need.The wait is almost over; OnePlus has officially revealed its seventh generation of flagship smartphones. While tech enthusiasts will be able to get their hands on the OnePlus 7 Pro from today onwards, shoppers will have to wait a tad longer for the release of the more affordable yet similarly impressive OnePlus 7.Making sure that you get the best deal possible on your preorder, we’ll be updating this page with the best OnePlus 7 deals as and when they appear, so be sure to bookmark this page and come back regularly. While we do the hard work, you can simply kick back and ponder all the wonderful things you’ll be doing with your new phone.Best OnePlus 7 Deals – Cheapest OnePlus 7 Price Best OnePlus 7 Preorder DealsOnePlus 7 Preorder – 6GB RAM & 128GB StorageEarly adopters of the OnePlus 7 can now register their interest for the latest flagship smartphone – going from as little as £499, making it one of the most affordable flagships on the market.OnePlus|Now £499View DealNow £499|OnePlus This site is protected by reCAPTCHA and the Google Privacy Policy and Terms of Service apply.center_img OnePlus 7 Specs – Everything you need to knowIn its own right, the OnePlus 7 is a slick mid-range smartphone. Sure, it doesn’t quite reach the superior heights of its more costly sibling (largely due to the absence of the Pro’s fluid OLED screen) but when put against other smartphones in the same price-range, the OnePlus 7 looks to make a serious dent on the market.• Read our OnePlus 7 review • OnePlus 7 Pro reviewEarly adopters will be happy to know however that the OnePlus 7 is very likely to have the same super fast Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 as found on the Pro, but until we get official confirmation, take this one with a pinch of salt.Another likely spec from the rumour mill is that, in order to keep the cost down, the OnePlus 7 will feature a dual-sensor camera on the rear instead of a triple. Expect the main sensor to still be packing the glorious 48-megapixel capturing capability, but this time it’ll be flanked by a 5-megapixel secondary depth sensor.For more amazing offers, follow us @TrustedDealsUK Show More Unlike other sites, we thoroughly review everything we recommend, using industry standard tests to evaluate products. We’ll always tell you what we find. We may get a commission if you buy via our price links.Tell us what you think – email the Editorlast_img read more

Xbox E3 2019 Conference Everything announced at Xbox E3 showcase

first_img Sign up for the Mobile NewsletterSign Up Please keep me up to date with special offers and news from Goodtoknow and other brands operated by TI Media Limited via email. You can unsubscribe at any time. We’d also like to send you special offers and news just by email from other carefully selected companies we think you might like. Your personal details will not be shared with those companies – we send the emails and you can unsubscribe at any time. Please tick here if you are happy to receive these messages.By submitting your information, you agree to the Terms & Conditions and Privacy & Cookies Policy. This site is protected by reCAPTCHA and the Google Privacy Policy and Terms of Service apply. E3 2019center_img The Xbox E3 2019 showcase has finished, and it’s left us with many exciting reveals including details on the next-gen console, new games and a release date for the likes of Cyberpunk.We’ve included all the major announcements right here, so you don’t have to go prowling through the web.Related: Ubisoft E3 2019 Xbox E3 2019 console – Xbox Project Scarlett next-gen console confirmedWe all knew it was coming, but Xbox finally confirmed its next-gen console, slapping on a Project Scarlett code name for good measure. While we didn’t actually get to have a look at the design of the console, we were treated to a number of specs and buzzwords to get our tongues wagging.The Xbox Project Scarlett will supposedly be 4x more powerful than the Xbox One X and will boast 8K capabilities. This is all thanks to the AMD Navi GPU and AMD Zen 2 CPU under the hood, which will be custom-build variants of the components AMD recently showcased. This hardware will also allow for an accelerated real-time ray tracing performance, which will see in-game lighting effects and reflections look significantly more authentic and immersive. Currently, only the Nvidia RTX graphics cards are capable of such a feat.The E3 presentation also made a bid deal of the next-gen SSDs, which will have a 40x performance boost compared to the current generation of consoles. This improved SSD performance should slash down loading times and allow developers to add in more assets and create more complex worlds without resulting in frustratingly long loading screens.The Xbox Project Scarlett next-gen console won’t be arriving in stores until late 2020, while there were no details on price. We did, however, get confirmation that Halo Infinite will be a launch title.Related: Xbox 2Xbox E3 2019 Games – All the confirmed Xbox gamesXbox wasn’t kidding around when it said it would be showing off a LOT of games during its E3 presentation. Fortunately for you, we’ve included every major reveal here, so you can stay updated without watching the entirety of the conference.Related: Xbox 2 vs Google StadiaHalo InfiniteMaster Chief was again the toast of E3 as he showed up in yet another spectacular trailer, as he woke up from a deep sleep to find out that a lot of havoc has been wrecked across the universe in his absence.Microsoft execs also confirmed that Halo Infinite will be a launch title for the next-gen Xbox console and will release towards the tail end of 2020. Does that mean it won’t be released on Xbox One? We’re not totally sure to be honest, but either way, we can’t wait to jump into the boots of the Spartan for another alien-slaughtering romp.Elden RingLeaks may have spoiled the surprise, but Elden Ring was finally officially revealed, which is a new From Software action game which has had the help of Game of Thrones writer George R.R. Martin to create its story world.The trailer hints a Viking setting, but not much else can be gleamed from the cinematic. Imagine it to have the brutal difficulty of the likes of Dark Souls, Bloodborne and Sekiro. There’s no word on a release date, but it almost certainly won’t arrive this year. Expect it to launch 2020 or beyond.The Outer WorldsXbox kicked off it E3 presentation with a new trailer for The Outer Worlds, an upcoming game by Obsidian that looks to have the sci-fi goofiness of the likes of Borderlands, while having the politics and corruption of something like Dishonered. We were shown all the wacky guns on show, from anti-gravity guns to shrink rays.The trailer also confirmed that The Outer Worlds will release worldwide on 25 October 2019.Bleeding EdgeBleeding Edge is a new 4v4 online multiplayer game that swaps guns for up-close frantic melee combat. With seemingly dozens of characters on show, all with various different abilities, this very much looks like a more gritty version of Overwatch. Players will be able to jump into the Alpha tests as soon as 27 June 2019.Ori and the Will of the WispsXbox showed off another trailer for Ori and the Will of the Wisps, showcasing a terrifying giant spider chase the hero through a maze of interweaving tunnels.The trailer confirmed the game will be released on 22 February 2020, with the game available through the Xbox Game Pass from launch.Minecraft DungeonsLooks like Minecraft isn’t all about building, as Minecraft Dungeons sees you undertake an adventure through the blocky world. This looks to be a top-down action RPG adventure, as you can loot gear, weapons and items while take down classic villains such as zombies, Creepers and the like. It will also have online multiplayer, with up to 4 players capable of working together.Minecraft Dungeons will launch next year, with a Spring launch window touted.Cyberpunk 2077We got another juicy look at CD Projekt Red’s sci-fi epic Cyperpunk 2077 during the E3 showcase. While all the sci-fi gameplay tropes were very exciting, the biggest news was arguably that John Wick’s Keanu Reeves will star.We also finally got a release date for Cyberpunk 2077, with the trailer confirming we can start playing it on 16 April 2020.Age of Empires II Definitive Edition A new trailer gave us another look at the 4K remaster of one of the most beloved strategy games ever created: Age of Empires II. Not only are we getting a resolution bump, but there will also be an entirely new single player campaign to play through, while remastered audio will give every siege even more tension.The trailer revealed an Autumn release window, but there’s no specific date just yet.Gears 5We finally got a release date for Gears 5, with the popular gritty Xbox shooter hitting stores on 10 September 2019. Xbox also confirmed there will be the chance to play Horde Mode in a beta test on 10 September 2019, so fans can sink their teeth into the multiplayer a whole month early.We also got to see a trailer of the new Escape mode which is three-player co-op experience, where the Gears troopers were in some nightmarish fleshy alien world where they fought against a swarm of locust enemies. The trailer also showed glimpses of weapons, including an electrified knife, which will hopefully be usable in the final game.Star Wars Lego: The Skywalker SagaEveryone played the Star Wars Lego series right? Well now you’ll be able to play through it all again, with this Skywalker Saga edition that bundles in all 9 Star Wars entries in Lego form. That’s right, it even includes upcoming film, The Rise of Skywalker.The trailer confirmed that Star Wars Lego: The Skywalker Saga is coming 2020, although no specific date has been confirmed just yet.Psychonauts 2In one of the biggest shocks of E3 so far, Xbox announced that it has acquired Psychonauts developer Double Fine Productions. If that wasn’t enough, Xbox then immediately announced a new sequel for the nostalgia-inducing third-person adventure game.Unfortunately, a release date wasn’t announced the upcoming sequel so we’re going to have to wait a bit longer for that. Don’t expect it to arrive in 2019.Forza Horizon 4 LEGO Speed Champions expansionLooks like nothing is safe from being turned to Lego, as Xbox confirmed a new DLC pack for Forza Horizon 4 where all the sports cars brickified. The most exciting part? You’ll only have to wait a couple of days to hop in these speedy Lego cars, with the release date set for 13 June 2019.What’s on your wishlist of announcements for Microsoft at E3 2019? Let us know on Facebook and Twitter @trustedreviews.  Show More Unlike other sites, we thoroughly review everything we recommend, using industry standard tests to evaluate products. We’ll always tell you what we find. We may get a commission if you buy via our price links. Email and Editor and tell us what you think.last_img read more

Ulysses urging Apple users not to install extraordinarily unstable and buggy iOS

first_img We’d also like to send you special offers and news just by email from other carefully selected companies we think you might like. Your personal details will not be shared with those companies – we send the emails and you can unsubscribe at any time. Please tick here if you are happy to receive these messages.By submitting your information, you agree to the Terms & Conditions and Privacy & Cookies Policy. Sign up for the Mobile NewsletterSign Up Please keep me up to date with special offers and news from Goodtoknow and other brands operated by TI Media Limited via email. You can unsubscribe at any time. This site is protected by reCAPTCHA and the Google Privacy Policy and Terms of Service apply. Mac OS writing app Ulysses has flat-out told customers not to install the new betas for iOS 13, iPad OS or macOS Catalina. Claiming this year’s efforts from Apple are “extraordinarily unstable and buggy.” Ulysses is a well-respected writing app. I use it myself when I’m working from Mac. As a result, people have been pressing the development team behind the app to release an issue compatible with Apple’s new beta software, but they have claimed that they can’t, due to the aforementioned bugginess. “In recent years, it was pretty safe to install preview versions early on, this year that’s definitely not the case.” says the blog post on Ulysses’ site. While the outfit behind the writing app admit that there’s always an element of risk behind installing beta software, this year they’ve claimed that it has rather more problems than in previous years.Related: Best iPhone 2019Worse, Ulysses has called out the updates to the iCloud service that is leading to severe problems with the app. While they mention that the changes done to iCloud are great, they explain that for the moment there’s nothing they can do to fix “Some public beta users reported synchronization outages and data loss that propagated to devices that did not even run the beta but were just connected via iCloud.” claim Ulysses, indicating that trying it out on any device attached to your iCloud account could lead to data loss, which is disastrous news for those using these as their daily devices, or need them for regular work. Officially, Apple has acknowledged two separate issues: “Under certain conditions, your iCloud Drive might be missing data after upgrading to iOS 13 beta. (51787170, 51950018)” and “Some documents might not download in iCloud Drive. (52295165)”“For us, we decided to not offer any Ulysses beta for iPadOS, iOS 13 and macOS Catalina, until we can recommend using iCloud on them with good confidence.” claims the blog post.  “This is likely going to happen in the next few weeks, as we see more betas coming out. But for the time being, we are holding out.”  Show More Unlike other sites, we thoroughly review everything we recommend. We use industry standard tests to evaluate products in order to assess them properly. We’ll always tell you what we find. Trusted Reviews may get a commission if you buy through our links. Tell us what you think.last_img read more

Quebec to spend 1 billion to keep corporate head offices like SNC

first_imgQuebec to spend $1 billion to keep corporate head offices like SNC Lavalin’s in the province Quebec would invest $1 billion toward growing business and retaining head offices Join the conversation → Reuters What you need to know about passing the family cottage to the next generation Allison Lampert 43 Comments March 22, 20197:49 AM EDT Filed under News Economy Facebook Twitter Email QUEBEC CITY — Quebec’s government said on Thursday it would balance its books in 2019-20 while cutting debt and announced a plan to invest $1 billion to help keep corporate head offices in the predominantly French-speaking Canadian province.The center-right Coalition Avenir Quebec (CAQ) government, elected for the first time in October with a legislative majority, forecast a net surplus of $2.5 billion for fiscal 2018-2019 ending March 31, after investing $3.1 billion in a provincial debt-fighting fund.The province had forecast a $1.7 billion surplus in December.The document came two days after Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s government lavished new spending on middle-class voters in its budget, ahead of the October federal election.Quebec Finance Minister Eric Girard used his first budget to support the provincial economy ahead of weaker growth expected in coming years. He announced higher spending on social programs and incentives to increase participation in the labor force by retaining older workers.Girard said Quebec would invest $1 billion toward growing business and retaining head offices, saying precise details would be announced later.He said the fund was not designed for Montreal-based construction firm SNC-Lavalin Group Inc but “could be used” to help the company, which is at the center of a widening political scandal involving Trudeau’s government.Trudeau denies allegations that senior officials last year pressured his then-justice minister to allow the company to avoid a corruption trial by paying a big fine instead.SNC-Lavalin has said it might have to move – or cut – some of its Canadian workforce of 9,000 if the company is found guilty of bribing Libyan officials.Girard also pledged to deliver four additional fiscal years of balanced budgets.“We’re working on all these fronts to increase GDP per capita,” Girard told reporters.The CAQ said 2019 growth would be 1.8 per cent before slowing to 1.5 per cent in 2020. Last November, Girard said rising interest rates and trade turbulence between the United States and China would weigh on growth.Quebec added its net $2.5 billion surplus to a provincial contingency fund used in the case of an economic downturn, while Girard announced investments to attract private investment.Girard also said he wanted to cut Quebec’s net debt to 35 per cent from 40 per cent as a percentage of GDP by March 2024.“Pay now, benefit later, this is what this budget is all about,” Laurentian Bank chief economist Sebastian Lavoie said in an interview.© Thomson Reuters 2019 advertisement More Share this storyQuebec to spend $1 billion to keep corporate head offices like SNC Lavalin’s in the province Tumblr Pinterest Google+ LinkedIn Comment Quebec Finance Minister Eric Girard is applauded by the government as he stands to present his budget Thursday.Canadian Press/Jacques Boissinot Featured Stories Recommended For YouUK to facilitate release of Iranian tanker if it gets Syria guarantees-HuntIndia’s Allahabad Bank reports $259 mln alleged fraud by bankrupt steelmakerTrump declines to set U.S. uranium production quotasMolymet drops plans for battery parts factory in ChileIndian authorities arrest top executive at retailer Future Group over unpaid duties Sponsored By: Reddit ← Previous Next →last_img read more

What will it take to get the new NAFTA passed by the

first_img U.S. President Donald Trump.Doug Mills-Pool/Getty Images February 6, 20199:32 AM EST Filed under News Economy Twitter Comment What will it take to get the new NAFTA passed by the U.S. Congress? International trade lawyer Mark Warner on the chances of getting the new NAFTA passed in the U.S. and how Canada fits into the U.S.-China trade war Larysa Harapyn Email What you need to know about passing the family cottage to the next generation Facebook Join the conversation → Share this storyWhat will it take to get the new NAFTA passed by the U.S. Congress? Tumblr Pinterest Google+ LinkedIn International trade lawyer Mark Warner from MAAW Law, speaks with the Financial Post’s Larysa Harapyn about the chances of getting the new NAFTA passed on Capitol Hill, and how Canada fits into the U.S.-China trade war. Reddit 0 Comments Featured Stories advertisement Sponsored By: More ← Previous Next →last_img read more

WatchLiberals have a 17billion plan to send Canadian workers back to school

first_img This year’s federal budget is built for voters, not business The federal government is taking another crack at sending Canadian workers back to school for mid-career training, spending $1.7 billion over five years to launch a new skills training program.A new tax credit will allow workers to claim half of the cost of a course or training program; they will also be eligible to take up to four weeks off and receive employment insurance coverage for 55 per cent of their average weekly income.None of this is slated to start in any meaningful way until next year, after the next federal election, and the government says it will embark on consultations to nail down the nitty gritty program specifics. Liberals leave themselves little wiggle room in the event of a recession Andrew Coyne: The federal budget is a testament to the pleasures of endless growth. Forget productivity, tax cuts or investment Federal budget offers first-time home buyers a break with $1.25 billion in mortgage relief “Canadians at all stages of in their working lives should have the opportunity to learn new skills to take control of their future,” Finance Minister Bill Morneau said in his speech to the House of Commons.The government proposes to provide workers with a $250 annual tax credit that will accrue with the Canada Revenue Agency starting this year; the credit will grow each year to a lifetime maximum of $5,000.So in a couple years if an employee wanted to do a training course that cost $1,000 she could claim it on her taxes and get a $500 refund. She could also have a portion of her income covered through EI while she was taking the course.One of the things we need is labour market information so the workers know where the jobs are March 19, 20196:51 PM EDTLast UpdatedMarch 20, 20199:11 AM EDT Filed under News Economy Liberals have a $1.7-billion plan to send Canadian workers back to school Budget includes tax credits, EI coverage for employee seeking to upgrade their skills Facebook Twitter Share this storyLiberals have a $1.7-billion plan to send Canadian workers back to school Tumblr Pinterest Google+ LinkedIn Email James McLeod Redditcenter_img More Comment Liberals leave themselves little wiggle room in the event of a recession 9 Comments Electric car buyers get boost with $5,000 incentive for consumers and tax write-offs for business Join the conversation → The budget document also included vague language about “new leave provisions” that would allow a worker to take time off for training without risking losing their job. Ottawa can’t make that sort of change alone, so the budget proposes to consult with provinces and territories to convince them to change labour laws.For the training tax credit, the federal government is budgeting $710 million over five years, and $256 million per year after that. The EI changes will cost $1.04 billion over five years, and $321.5 million each year after that.While applauding the government’s move to address the growing skills gap in Canada, Dan Kelly, president of the Canadian Federation of Independent Business said he was concerned that the program doesn’t link training more directly to the needs of business. “Will small business be required to hold open a position if an employee has always wanted to take a paid leave from work in order to study Latin or interpretive dance?” Kelly said.This isn’t the Liberal government’s first kick at the can when it comes to lifelong learning.In 2017, the budget aspired to “encourage a culture of lifelong learning, with more accessible post-secondary education, training and employment supports for all Canadian women and men, at all stages during their life.”At the time, that meant special student loans and grants for students with dependent children, and adult students returning to school, as well as different tweaks to EI, allowing laid-off workers to go back to school while still collecting EI benefits.Craig Alexander, chief economist for Deloitte Canada, said he interpreted the added skills training as a response to the changing economy, with technology and global market forces creating more volatility in the labour market.“I don’t think it’s a reflection of the success of the prior programs, it’s just that there’s been steady recognition over time about how important this is, and so we’ve had a steady increase in the amount of resources being dedicated,” Alexander said.The government also announced in its budget that the Global Talent Stream pilot project will be made permanent, allowing work permits for highly skilled foreign workers to be processed in two weeks.The pilot program has been very popular with business, especially in the technology sector, since it was launched.When it comes to the retraining for Canadian workers, Alexander said that he’d like to see more government effort to make sure that training programs are getting enough bang for the buck, and steering workers towards the training programs that will really boost their employment prospects.“One of the things we need is labour market information so the workers know where the jobs are, and then the other thing we need to know is what are the skills that those employers are looking for,” he said.• Email: | Twitter: Related Storieslast_img read more

Hollywood And Its Celebrities May Be The Ticket For Promoting EVs

Above: Dinesh’s Tesla Model S played a starring role on the most recent season of HBO’s Silicon Valley (Image: HBO)BBC’s Mathieu adds, “By showing on screen that we understand the changes that are happening, we can show the audience that we get it, we are with them in this, we are relevant in this changing world and there is, indeed, hope that we can address and deal with these major problems.”===Source: The Globe and Mail*Editor’s Note: EVANNEX, which also sells aftermarket gear for Teslas, has kindly allowed us to share some of its content with our readers, free of charge. Our thanks go out to EVANNEX. Check out the site here. Above: A Tesla Model 3 shows up on The Simpsons (Image: IMCDB)Jeremy Mathieu, a sustainability adviser for the BBC, is reported to have “encouraged producers to depict electric-car charging points in the background of a street scene… [and] have characters working in the green industry and mentioning climate change or pollution as part of a conversation.” *This article comes to us courtesy of EVANNEX (which also makes aftermarket Tesla accessories). Authored by Matt Pressman. The opinions expressed in these articles are not necessarily our own at InsideEVs. Tesla Model 3 Sales Hit Epic Volume In August Author Liberty Access TechnologiesPosted on September 29, 2018Categories Electric Vehicle News Check Out These Celebrity Tesla Model S’ With Plenty Of Wow Factor Source: Electric Vehicle News Tesla Model S & X To Chauffeur Celebrities To Oscars With Help From Morgan Freeman Above: An all-electric Tesla Model S and BMW i3 appear throughout the most recent season of HBO’s Curb Your Enthusiasm (Image: IMCDB)Zena Harris, creative director of the Sustainable Production Forum at the Vancouver International Film Festival explains, “We don’t want to necessarily impact the creative element in terms of story line… But if [a character] is going to be driving a car somewhere, could that car be an electric vehicle? This is where we start to normalize behaviours onscreen, and substitute in products and behaviours that are more environmentally conscious.” HOLLYWOOD IS WORKING HARDER TO PROMOTE ELECTRIC CARS AND CLEAN ENERGYTesla’s cars have become popular with many of Hollywood’s biggest stars. But more recently, many of those who are behind-the-scenes on today’s television and movie sets are embracing the electric car and clean energy. Ian Bailey reports in The Globe and Mail that movies and television shows “with green content can [help] drive sustainability.” And that’s an important message that can be promoted from Hollywood to the masses.Check Out These Stories: Above: Tesla Model S in the Deadpool 2 movie (Image: IMCDB)Bailey says, “It’s a point the TV and film industries are trying to make with viewers, in the same way they turned against smoking and other uses of tobacco in previous decades.” Bailey interviewed Clara George, a producer on The Arrangement, a television series which included “a subtle nudge to viewers about the importance of sustainability.” For instance, “Another character on the show drove a Tesla.”.embed-container { position: relative; padding-bottom: 56.25%; height: 0; overflow: hidden; max-width: 100%; } .embed-container iframe, .embed-container object, .embed-container embed { position: absolute; top: 0; left: 0; width: 100%; height: 100%; }Above: USA Network’s show, Suits, features a scene starring the original Tesla Roadster (Youtube: SuitsonUSA)“People are very worried they are going to have to change their lives dramatically to take any sustainable steps,” George says. “What we can show them is, ‘No, you don’t. They can just be in anything.’” She adds, “What drives me crazy is that people still think it’s a discussion. We need action now… I don’t think climate change is debatable.” read more

It Seems Rivian R1T Truck Houses A 2170 Double Stack Battery Pack

first_img See The Rivian R1T In More Detail Here Watch Rivian R1T Electric Pickup Truck Do Some Proper Off-Roading Author Liberty Access TechnologiesPosted on November 26, 2018Categories Electric Vehicle News Tesla hasn’t talked a lot about stacking batteries but it is an unmistakable conclusion based on the information we have on the Tesla semi truck. There’s no way to squeeze that many kWh’s into the semi without stacking them and it looks like Rivian is doing the same thing.Here’s another interesting observation about the Rivian R1T made by Teslarati:“Separating the two levels of cells is Rivian’s cooling systems.”So it’s a double stack with cooling in between the two layers of 2170 battery cells. That’s nice but what kind of cooling system is it?Back to Tesla’s semi truck design. We estimated what the semi pack would look like in an article here. In order for Tesla to squeeze 900 kWh’s of battery cells in the semi we estimated 6 layers of Model 3, 2170 cells!!I wonder about the support structure Tesla would need to support such a stack of batteries. How do you do THAT? Surely something needs to support these multiple layers.Wouldn’t it be nice if the supporting structure also doubled as a cooling system!Perfect application for a flat cooling plate that also provides the structural element between the layers. There’s definitely some synergies here.Here’s our conceptualization: “it’s more energy dense by volume and weight.”Yes, that’s the other advantage of stacking batteries. Even using cells of the exact same energy density you end up with a more energy dense battery at the pack level. We already did an analysis of that (ref) and showed that a significant increase in energy density could be attained in the tesla semi battery.The Rivian battery pack appears to be an intelligent design indeed!We wouldn’t be surprised if Tesla has adopted a similar flat plate battery pack architecture in their semi truck as Rivian!!That’s how good it is!center_img With an interesting twist on the cooling scheme …That’s what it sounds like based on a previous Teslarati article:“Rivian’s battery module is made up of the same sized battery cells that Tesla uses in the Model 3, commonly referred to as 2170, but the physical configuration of the cells differs quite a bit. Though the module is significantly thicker than Tesla’s, with two cells stacked on top of each other, it’s more energy dense by volume and weight. Separating the two levels of cells is Rivian’s cooling systems.”Hmm…sounds like Tesla’s Semi and Roadster battery packs.Additional Rivian R1T Debut Coverage: Source: Electric Vehicle News Rivian R1T Electric Pickup Truck Shocks World In LA Debutlast_img read more

Volkswagen Sold 50000 PlugIn Electric Cars In 2018

first_img Volkswagen I.D. Hatch Rendered To Life Volkswagen didn’t release numbers for particular models besides stating that e-Golf sales increased 45%. The e-Golf gained popularity mostly in Germany and in some other countries in Europe. Volkswagen Allows e-Golf Buyers To Assemble Their Own Cars Volkswagen I.D. Hatchback First Drive By Fully Charged: Video Only 1/125 cars sold by Volkswagen was a plug-inVolkswagen announced its sales results for 2018 and it seems that German manufacturer reached a new record of 6,244,900 at a growth of 0.2%.The plug-in electric car sales with a VW badge amounted to around 50,000, which is 13% more than a year ago. It translates to about 0.8% of the total volume.Volkswagen news Source: Electric Vehicle News Author Liberty Access TechnologiesPosted on January 12, 2019Categories Electric Vehicle Newslast_img read more

Total Number Of Hydrogen Fuel Cell Cars In US Barely Exceeds 6500

first_imgAlmost 5,000 are Toyota MiraiAccording to the U.S. DOE’s Office of Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy as of the February 2019, there were 6,558 hydrogen fuel cell vehicles on the road.Sales of FCVs, monitored since January 2015, looks like a straight line and is another bit of proof that at least now the FCVs are stuck at plug-in car sales levels of 10 years ago – before the Nissan LEAF and Chevrolet Volt. In our opinion, there is not much that can be done to leverage FCVs sales, especially when BEVs are entering the mass-market phase.In 2018, more than 2,300 FCVs were sold, compared to over 361,000 plug-ins.“The number of fuel cell vehicles available to consumers and on the road continues to grow as exhibited by sales and lease volumes. As of February 2019, there were 6,558 fuel cell vehicles on the road. It must be noted that fuel cell vehicle sales (including leases) are currently only offered in select areas that have hydrogen refueling infrastructure.” Author Liberty Access TechnologiesPosted on April 3, 2019Categories Electric Vehicle News Number Of Plug-In Electric Models In U.S. Exceeded 40 In 2018 Source: Electric Vehicle News The two top FCVs are Toyota Mirai and Honda Clarity Fuel Cell.Cumulative Fuel Cell Vehicle Sales, January 2015 – February 2019 Median EPA Range For 2018 Electric Cars Increased To 125 Miles Vermont Leads U.S. Growth Rate For Plug-In Car Registrations Per Capita Note: Vehicle leases are counted as vehicle sales.Sources: Argonne National Laboratory, Light Duty Electric Drive Vehicles Monthly Sales Updates, February 2019.source: See Alsolast_img read more

Choi captures lead by staying on the straight and narrow

first_imgKJ Choi has never before led a major championship, but will not be treading entirely unfamiliar ground when he sets out with a one-shot lead over Greg Norman in the final pair at Royal Birkdale this afternoon.A year ago at Carnoustie the Korean partnered Sergio García in the last group for the third round after finishing his second round two shots behind the Spaniard. On that damp Saturday his challenge faded, but his charge to the head of the leaderboard last night demonstrated that his performance on the toughest course on the Open rota – he eventually finished eighth – was no one-off.Aided by Andy Prodger, one of the most experienced bag men on the circuit and himself an Open winner after helping Nick Faldo to the 1987 Open, Choi took advantage of the day’s best conditions to card a three-under-par 67, a score bettered only by Camilo Villegas’s freakish 65 earlier in the day. Whereas Villegas relied on a rash of birdies over the final five holes, Choi’s score was compiled in more methodical fashion. The Korean has made his name and his fortune on the parkland layouts of the PGA tour but he has a natural affinity for the seaside game, and it was not lost on the large gallery. Having a build congruent with his teenage prowess as a weightlifter and a simple, functional swing, he drives the ball admirably straight, a prerequisite for success this week, and he made only one error, a bogey at the 1st, against four birdies. Three of them came on a back nine which was as close to stress-free as is possible on a layout of this difficulty. He missed only one fairway and one green in regulation on the way home, and back-to-back birdies on 17 and 18 gave the round an emphatic finish greeted with cries of “Come on the Choi-ster” from his growing band of supporters.Choi thanked the galleries for their support after what he said was his best round in a decade as an Open competitor. “I think this was definitely my best round in a British Open because all my shots worked. My swing was great and my putting was working the way I wanted too,” he said. “Today the fans’ support was really wonderful and I got a lot of motivation from that.”Choi is based in Houston, Texas, home to one of the US’s largest Korean communities, but in his homeland his performance this week will have caused huge excitement. He is Korea’s most famous sportsman and has been tipped for some time to become the first Asian to win a major championship. Prodger certainly thinks so. “He can definitely win a major. He can win here because it suits his game. I have been banging it into him to aim for the middle of the greens, and so far it seems to be working.” Share on WhatsApp The Open Fri 18 Jul 2008 19.01 EDT The Open 2008 Share on Pinterest Share on Twitter Share via Email The Open Share via Email Golf Share on Facebook Share on LinkedIn … we have a small favour to ask. The Guardian will engage with the most critical issues of our time – from the escalating climate catastrophe to widespread inequality to the influence of big tech on our lives. At a time when factual information is a necessity, we believe that each of us, around the world, deserves access to accurate reporting with integrity at its heart.More people are reading and supporting The Guardian’s independent, investigative journalism than ever before. And unlike many news organisations, we have chosen an approach that allows us to keep our journalism accessible to all, regardless of where they live or what they can afford. But we need your ongoing support to keep working as we do.Our editorial independence means we set our own agenda and voice our own opinions. Guardian journalism is free from commercial and political bias and not influenced by billionaire owners or shareholders. This means we can give a voice to those less heard, explore where others turn away, and rigorously challenge those in power.We need your support to keep delivering quality journalism, to maintain our openness and to protect our precious independence. Every reader contribution, big or small, is so valuable. Support The Guardian from as little as $1 – and it only takes a minute. Thank you.center_img Choi captures lead by staying on the straight and narrow Paul Kelso at Royal Birkdale Choi is the most successful Korean golfer in his county’s history. Photograph: Brandon Malone/Action Images First published on Fri 18 Jul 2008 19.01 EDT Shares00 Share on Facebook Support The Guardian Since you’re here… Share on Twitter Topics Share on Messenger Reuse this contentlast_img read more